Hello! Welcome to my set review of Wilds of Eldraine, where I will pick cards of each colour and discuss my five favourite cards from them. Yes, there will be and artifact and lands review as well as a multicoloured review.

Given that the set also comes out with a set of preconstructed Commander decks, I’ll also be covering my favourite new cards from there in another article. The set booster and Jumpstart exclusive cards from this set will be in their respective colour reviews.

Without further ado, here are my favourite Blue cards!

  1. Asinine Antics

I cannot tell you enough just how much I love this card in blue enchantress decks.

For four mana, you can trigger constellation as many times as your opponents have creatures. Picture playing Asinine Antics and getting even 10 Auras out of it. Eidolon of Blossoms and Setessan Champion gives you a card per trigger. Partner this with Doomwake Giant and Femeref Enchantress (or Ashiok’s Reaper, which we’ll see in the black review) not only do you board wipe your opponents but you also get a bunch of cards.

You don’t even need to be playing enchantress, you can have an Altar of the Brood and mill a ton for each of your opponents. Really use that token player’s momentum against them.

As if that wasn’t good enough, you can pay two more mana to get away with this at instant speed. What an incredible card!

  1. Virtue of Knowledge

This is probably the best Virtue of the bunch. I think we’re going to hear this a lot considering Wilds of Eldraine is an enchantment sense – this absolutely rips in enchantress decks.

Landfall decks with blue, Clone decks based around ETB effects, Artifact decks, and enchantress decks will also love this. Altar. Of. The. Brood. It all works great. Easy to slot in!

Virtue of Knowledge is Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines without the stax with an extra bit of utility in the Adventure. Pay two mana after cracking a fetch land and you’ve got blue Farseek. There are plenty of great abilities to copy. It’s a one time Strionic Resonator activation.

Two mythics in the top of blue cards makes sense.

  1. Court of Vantress

Another entry into the Court cycle and it’s amazing. Like all the Courts, you become the monarch upon ETB. The upkeep effect is either becoming another copy of your best artifact or enchantment while keeping the ability or making a token of it. Did anybody say Paradox Haze?

Got a Smothering Tithe? Now you’ve got two. Get Parallel Lives and whenever you make tokens, you’ll get more and more… and more. And more. There are so many ways to get the monarch, especially when it’s built around like in an Aragorn, King of Gondor deck.

This is a great target for Estrid’s Invocation or Copy Enchantment. Keep an eye on this cycle.

  1. Extraordinary Journey

Perfect for Zaxara, the Exemplary, Magus Lucea Kane, and Unbound Flourishing decks. Mizzix of the Izmagnus – does anybody still play her? – can make this a big time temporary exile. Making your opponents pay for creatures twice might get them double ETBs, but at least you get a card out of it. That’s if you want to pay into the X!

Imagine paying two mana for an enchantment that rewards you once every turn when a creature enters play from exile. Doesn’t that sound great? Blink decks get an extra bit of value but if you’ve got a few decks in your playgroup that blink or play cards from exile, you’ll have more cards than you would have. It’s a meta call, but I think this is a cool card!

  1. Quick Study

Divination has been outclassed.

Are there ways to draw two cards at instant speed for less mana? Yeah, but with more drawbacks – like Perilous Research.

Quick Study is the cleanest way to draw two cards at instant speed now. Three mana isn’t a bad rate for two new cards. This makes the cut because Divination was printed in 2009 in M10 and it’s taken 14 years to be power crept so directly.

Honorable Mentions

That does it for white, check back in soon for black!

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