Abzan Beastmaster FNM promo May 2015

If you do well on Friday nights in May you may receive an Abzan Beastmaster FNM promo, an uncommon from the newest set Fate Reforged. I personally love this card in Limited, it can easily get you card advantage and quick if your playing creatures early like Disowned Ancestor or Archer’s parapet. If anything it’s good removal bait as opponents better get rid of it before you start drawing. It’s a good creature that may see more play in Standard, but this shiny foil has a place in many EDH decks seeing as G/x is one of the most played colors. I suggest you pick up as many as you can, save them over summer than trade them to EDH players. Overall, i’m happier with Abzan Beastmaster FNM then the last couple of promos.

Abzan Beastmaster FNM artwork Abzan Beastmaster FNM