Hello and welcome to A Seat at the Table, the column where I pick a commander and talk about what I’d include in the 99. This week, I figured we’d shine a light on an Unfinity uncommon Commander – Dee Kay, Finder of the Lost.

Before talking about Dee Kay, it’s important to know how Attractions work. Here are some key facts:

  •  Attractions aren’t part of your deck, but rather they are a separate deck like Contraptions.
  • You need a minimum of ten Attractions with different names (singleton rules apply here) and as of now a maximum of 22.
  • To Open an Attraction is to flip one over from the Attraction deck. This is now an artifact under your control.
  • At the beginning of your first main phase, you roll a six-sided die. When you roll, if your result is “lit up” on the right side of the text box, you “visit” the Attraction and do what it says. If  you control multiple Attractions, you “visit” each Attraction whose lights correspond to your  die roll.
  • Attractions have their own graveyard called the junkyard. They never go to the graveyard. If they go anywhere besides exile, they go to the junkyard.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s meet Dee Kay, Finder of the Lost. For 1UB, you get a 1/4  legendary creature – Zombie Employee that has a lot of text. Here it comes:

“When Dee Kay, Finder of the Lost enters the battlefield, open an Attraction. Whenever you roll a 2, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.  

Whenever you roll a 4, you may tap or untap target artifact or creature.  

Whenever you roll a 6, return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.”  

You’ll be opening Attractions whenever Dee Kay enters and on die rolls of 2, 4, and 6 when you trigger Attractions. You’ve got a bunch of abilities. How do we balance the Dee Kay deck when it’s this unreliable? We do our best!

Of course, there are a ton of dice rolling cards, but some require a 20-sided die – who cares, if you hit a 2, 4, or 6, you still get Dee Kay’s trigger!

Here are a few cards I really want to run in the Dee Kay deck.

  1. Lucky!

Dee Kay enters the battlefield and gets you to roll a die. With Streets of New Capenna in the rearview already, we take with us a lesson learned – you’ve gotta tip the scales and fix the fight. Time to rig some results. Krark’s Other Thumb isn’t legal in the format, but if there’s a card worth having a rule zero chat over with this deck, it’s this one. It’s a legendary artifact and let’s you roll two dice then pick you favourite. Pixie Guide does a fun impression of this artifact but with less of the choice – Pixie Guide favours a high roll.

Bamboozling Beeble allows you to impersonate a Krark’s Other Thumb as an activated ability. You’ll want to roll all the dice rolling cards from this set like Six-Sided Die, Attempted Murder, Boing!, Celebr-8000, Clown Car (spoiler alert), and Vedalken Squirrel-Whacker. You’ll also enjoy having Ancient Brass and Silver Dragons in the 99 because if you roll high, you get something great. If you roll low, you get a consolation prize with your commander. Ebony Fly lets you roll a d6 for four mana as much as you want! Arcane Endeavor is a hell of a draw spell and if you’ve got a bunch of instant and sorcery cards in this deck, this is the perfect inclusion.

  1. Opening Attractions with Dee Kay

Dee Kay, Finder of the Lost makes opening Attractions easy because when they enter the battlefield, you open an Attraction. Let’s take advantage of that ETB by playing stuff like Conjurer’s Closet. Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is an all-star in many of my decks and I’d be a fool not to include her in here. Panharmonicon doubles up on all of your ETB effects caused by creatures and artifacts.

You can use cards like Blur or Deadeye Navigator or Essence Flux or… depending on your build, and if you’ve got enough noncreature spells, Displacer Kitten is a slam dunk here. Crew Golden Argosy with Dee Kay and get an attack in as well an as ETB. Sacrifice your commander and reanimate them to get another ETB Attraction. Cast clones like Phantasmal Image, Spark Double, and Sakashima of a Thousand Faces to copy your commander. Maybe this is a Mirror Box deck and you really hope to roll a bunch of 2s! Speaking of clones…

  1. Opening Attractions without Dee Kay

You can clone your Attractions! Play Clever Impersonator, Phyrexian Metamorph, Sculpting Steel, and slam dunk here, Echo Storm!

You can cast Step Right Up from Unfinity – which of course you know because it straight up says open two attractions! Command Performance, also from the new Unfinity set, not only allows you to open an Attraction but also roll to visit your Attractions. I’d say this is worth putting an Archaeomancer into the deck for.

ETBs were important in the last part and they still are here! Deadbeat Attendant, Discourtesy Clerk, Draconian Gate-Bot, Monitor Monitor, Soul Swindler, and Seasoned Buttoneer all enter the battlefield and open an Attraction. Quick Fixer opens an attraction when it deals combat damage to a player. “Lifetime” Pass Holder opens an attraction when it dies and comes back to play whenever you roll a 6.

Black Hole is a creature destruction spell that can at its worst destroy one creature, but at its best a whole bunch more depending on how many Attractions you’ve visited this turn. How do you visit a bunch of Attractions? With the best Attraction card in my opinion: Line Cutter. Flicker and reanimate Line Cutter to get rolling for your Attractions way more than once a turn.

  1. Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge

This is a simple inclusion but one worth mentioning. It’s a win condition. The plus two makes him hard to kill and drains the table equal to your artifacts. Attractions are artifacts. Your creatures and Planeswalkers have affinity for artifacts with Tezzeret out, which means if you’ve opened a few attractions, Thassa and Line Cutter and Soul Swindler come down for one mana.  If you have five mana, Draconian Gate-Bot gives you a clean zero to cast it! Include Tezz in your Dee Kay decks at a 100% rate please.

  1. Clown Car + Infinite Mana

Okay, this is about math. If you have Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake, you can flicker the Drake for infinite mana, float it all, and then put it all into this incredible card called Clown Car. If you have Dee Kay in play and you need to drain the table for every 2 you roll, I’d say creating 4019200282992002 mana and casting Clown Car should get you there. If you have stickler friends, you’ll have to run it into an online calculator that’ll make your computer shake, but I’d bet you just closed out the game.

And that does it for this week! I’ll be building Dee Kay as my fun goof-off deck that can pack a  punch.

What commanders do you want to see me write about? @mikecarrozza on Twitter for requests! Thanks for reading and until next time!

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