The 2022 Magic: The Gathering main set line up is here! Recently announced on Magic’s Showcase Stream, the major releases coming out in 2022 have been officially revealed! With some old favourites and exciting new additions, lets take a look at the four major set releases coming to Standard next year!

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Kamigawa has been one of the most requested returns in Magic – and here it is! However, you may not recognize this Kamigawa at first. That’s because we are now two thousand years in the future, where magic and technology intermingle.

This set will be a dream for those who love Cyberpunk and Shadowrun. Expect lots of technomancy, a new cyber-ninja planeswalker, and a old planeswalker from the set who is now the Emperor of Kamigawa…

Streets of New Capenna

Take to the dark and dim streets of New Capenna to fight a not so hidden war between crime families. This once city of angels (literally) has been overtaken by demonic influence. What side will you take in the war? And who will end up on top in this war of demon lords?

Dominaria United

Once a land consumed by war and in-fighting, Dominaria has returned to a semblance of peace. Will you gather in the crowds, embracing this new conflict-free land? Or will you go chasing after some strange and dangerous enemy once again?

Our return to Dominaria is a welcome return, one that is certainly in parallel to Magic: The Gathering‘s 30th anniversary coming up this next year. It is predicted that this set will be closer to an introduction for new players into the game, keeping to easy gameplay mechanics. Regardless, Dominaria is coming back in a big way, so make sure to check it out upon release!


The Brothers War

But don’t think we are leaving Dominaria too soon. The Brother’s War takes us back in time to one of the pivotal times in Dominaria’s history. Choose between Urza or Mishra to be your general and fight to obtain the other half of the Thran powerstone.

Travel across Terisiare, discovering the power and magic that lingers across Dominaria. However, be careful of things that might be lurking on the island of Argoth. You never know what Phyrexian’s may be lingering there…



What do you think of the 2022 Magic line-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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