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Tyson Fraleigh - March 17, 2023

The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game!

The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game is the newest RPG coming out from Free League! Survive in a unforgiving world filled with moral choices, brutal combat, and vicious undead. Gather supplies, explore long abandoned cities, and destroy hordes of the living dead… and hope they stay down this time.

The Wildfire Virus has spread all around the world, leaving no stone, or corpse, unturned. The last vestiges of humanity fight day by day to survive, scattered across the globe in search of any sign of peace. Those who have lasted this long have gotten by on their wits, instincts, and brutality. The only thing that matters is staying alive, no matter what moral cost.

Things have fallen apart – but could working together rebuild some of what was lost? Could humanity create a new and beautiful future? That much is up to you.

As with other games created by Free League, this game runs on the Year Zero Engine. Roll a number of d6s equal to your Attribute and Skill, and determine successes by the number of sixes you roll. If you score multiple successes, then use those additional wins to activate powerful abilities. If you are in a dire situation and fail your check, you can Push a roll to get a second chance. But be warned – if you fail again, things will get much, much worse.

The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game comes out in November, 2023! Back your copy here!

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