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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - March 24, 2022

Streets of New Capenna!

Welcome to the Streets of New Capenna, a den of vice and violence. In this upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, step into the world of organized crime as you face off against the most dangerous crime lords of New Capenna.

When you step into the world of New Capenna, you have some choices to make. There will be plenty of cards that will hold allegiance to one of the five crime families in the city: Obscura, Maestros, Riveteers, Cabretti, and the Brokers. In this former city of angels (literally), demon kings run the streets now. It is even suggested that our old friend Ob Nixilis is responsible for one of the families.

But that does not mean that crime pays. Elspeth herself is apparently in the city, ready to ruin the fiendish kings and their shadowy cabal. Perhaps not all the good has been stolen out of this city after all…

One of the biggest announcements about this set is that we are going to see the return of three-mana cards! Be prepared for some powerful new deck builds, regardless if you are a Abzan or Temur player. However, each family has their own colour combination for their allegiance:

  • The Obscura Family runs Esper (White/Blue/Black)
  • The Maestros Family runs Grixis (Red/Blue/Black)
  • The Riveteer Family runs Jund (Red/Black/Green)
  • The Cabretti Family runs Naya (Red/Green/White)
  • The Brokers Family run Bant (Green/White/Blue)

If you break from these combinations into your own, be prepared – organized crime does not appreciate outsiders.

Streets of New Capenna comes out on April 29th, 2022! Pre-order your pre-release box here!

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