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Tyson Fraleigh - June 17, 2022


Welcome to a world of witchcraft and whimsy! Septima is competitive strategy game about trying to build your coven and take over the role of the High Witch. Gather allies, transform into animals, and win Wisdom to complete your ascension!

Welcome to the town of Noctenburg, a small village rife with disease, dangers, and witch hunts. Each player will choose an animal that will become the symbol of their coven. Draw cards from the main deck that will represent your hand for that round. Your hand will have multiple actions that you can perform. From there, you will be able to brew potions, gathering lost items, and heal the sick to gain trust in the town.

This trust can be used to help gather members of your coven. Many of the town’s innocent people are on trial for being witches, and will be harmed if you do not intervene. Use your influence to have the town vote the person on trial as innocent so they will join your coven.

Is the town becoming suspicious of your seemingly mystical acts? Then hide in the forest by transforming into your animal symbol. While you will not have all of your arcane abilities in this form, you will be allowed to perform limited actions to help further your cause.

For helping the town and building your coven, you will gain Wisdom points. These points will be tallied at the end of the game in order to determine the winner. If you have the most Wisdom by the last round, then you win the game!

Septima comes out in May, 2023! Back your copy here!

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