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Tyson Fraleigh - August 17, 2022

Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim!

Looking to step into the dark, corrupted city of Drakkenheim? Then have no fear! Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim will give you the best chance to survive both within the walls of this twisted city, and beyond.

The ancient eldritch corruption has reached beyond the city of Drakkenheim. Travel to foreign kingdoms across the continent, such as Westemar, Caspia, and Elyria. Explore these distant nations as you destroy the remaining seeds of the corruption… and face off against those who would summon it for power.

Looking to explore your employment options? Then check out the various new subclass options, including Path of the Old Gods Barbarian and Oath of Hexes Paladin! If you are looking for something really strange, then try out the brand new class option, The Apothecary! Develop strange poisons, potions, and diseases to use against you enemies. Become either Pathogenist, a Reanimator, or a Mutagenist!

Get as much as you can out of every tool you need with new tool rules and new spells! These expanded tool rules will grant you additional abilities, such as making magic items, potions, building traps, and more. The new dark spells will include conjuring acid rain and corpse explosions!

Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim comes out in September, 2023! Back your copy here!

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