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Tyson Fraleigh - February 10, 2022

Seas of Havoc!

It’s time to take to the seven seas, adventurer! Seas of Havoc throws you into the fire as you find treasure, take over rival pirate ships, and dominate the islands you call home!

The Archipelago is a dangerous place. Sailing across its vast and beautiful waters, you control a ship, a crew, and your chance at glory. Explore the uncharted waters out in the deep to pillage ancient shipwrecks and destroy enemy gunships. Use your unique captain abilities to perform special combat maneuvers, move across the board, and trade your treasures for coin.

Whenever you find yourself in a scuffle, you will need to rely on your deck building skills to obtain a winning hand. To build your deck, you will need to visit the nearby islands. Plunder resources and obtain new cards to blow your opponents away one shot at a time!

However, this game is more than just about luck of the draw. As the captain of the ship, you will need to come up with strong tactics by yourself to control the board. Use your warship to dance around your opponents, evade enemy ships, and use your cannons to sink each of your opponents to win Infamy and the game. Just be sure to not get caught in sight of your opponent’s broadsides, or else you may find yourself an early grave.

Seas of Havoc comes out in February 2023! Back your copy here!

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