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Tyson Fraleigh - August 24, 2022

Sea of Legends!

Ahoy, adventurers! It is time to jump into the high seas in Sea of Legends as you fight against legions of enemies and plunder this magical Caribbean world filled with treasure and glory! Dive in deeper into the action with two new expansions, Vengeance of the Empires and Rise of the Ancients!

In the base game, each player gets to choose one of four different captains to lead their ship. Each captain has their own special abilities, actions, and enemies. There is Captain Kahlina, the keeper of secrets; Captain Cesare, the old guard of the seafaring world; Captain Spell, the arcanist of the ocean; and Captain Ton, the warrior of the tides. Build your crew by choosing special Lover & Nemesis cards to gain unique special buffs from a Lover, or debuffs from a Nemesis. But be careful – each Lover or Nemesis can switch sides through the course of the game!

Each player will also have their own unique enemy on the open sea: The Spanish Armada, The British Empire, the Atlantean Usurpers, the Children of Tlaloc, and the Dread Tide! You will need to defeat your adversarial faction while you search for treasure and magical boons in order to become a true pirate legend.

Each expansion will grant you four new captains for you to play as, and new factions to fight against. Take on the ship of Cursed Souls, the French Empire, the Writhing Maw, the demonic Ordo Nocturnus, and more!

Sea of Legends re-releases with the Vengeance of the Empires and Rise of the Ancients expansions in May, 2024! Back your copy here!

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