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Tyson Fraleigh - December 7, 2022

SAS – Rogue Regiment!

Stay quiet, stay alive! SAS – Rogue Regiment is an upcoming WW2 stealth game where players move quietly across the game board, assassinating Nazi soldiers, and destroying outposts. Work together to get out alive!

Each character starts by choosing their own operative. Each operative has their own special ability, such as being able to use disguises to slip past guards. Gather your equipment and head into battle!

There are two main modes of operation during each session of gameplay: stealth and combat. During the stealth sections, players will need to use all of their abilities and ingenuity to enter the battlefield and complete as many objectives as possible.

While you are sneaking around, enemy forces will be traversing the area. Their movements will be determined by event cards drawn every turn. Make sure to approach your enemies quietly and cover your tracks. Take down as many soldiers as possible before all hell breaks loose.

But don’t lose hope if you trip an alarm – you have a gun after all. Once you are detected, you will need to run and gun your way out of the area. But be careful – the place will be swarmed with soldiers very quickly. Make sure to set up a defensible position on your way out in order to keep all your allies alive. When all of you are at the extraction point, hop in your jeep and get out of there!

If you are able to complete all the objectives before leaving the area, you win the encounter! Complete numerous missions all over Europe to win the war!

SAS – Rogue Regiment comes out in August, 2023! Back your copy here!

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