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Tyson Fraleigh - January 18, 2023

Ruination Pilgrimage!

Ruination Pilgrimage is an upcoming indie RPG that will throw you into the heart of evil. Work together as you face off against ancient demons and undead clawing their way back from the grave, and save humanity from annihilation.

The Hellmouths are open. These portals lead to oceans of vile creatures, allowing monsters to corrupt the world of men. Endless battles have been pitched against these monsters, creating a sea of violence as heroes attempt to close these Hellmouths. None have succeeded.


Choose to become one of six character archetypes: holy warrior, priest, mercenary, scholar, merchant, or commoner. Utilize your skills to help your allies get to the front line, make your way past the endless horde of the hells, and close the Hellmouths once and for all.

But before you charge in, you are going to need some powerful weapons and items to make it past the demonic legion. Gather consecrated weapons and scrolls to make a dent in the fighting. Then use summoning prayers to bring Angels and ancient Saints to fight alongside you.

But make sure not to lose your cool. This game utilizes the Panic Engine, which means with every roll of the dice, things could go from great to bad, or from bad to dead. Look out for each other, and above all things – survive.

Ruination Pilgrimage comes on September, 2023! Back your copy here!

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