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Tyson Fraleigh - May 11, 2023


Outgunned – Cinematic Action RPG is an upcoming roleplaying game where you dive into a world of high speed car chases, intricate gun fights, and heart-pounding stealth missions. Get your friends together to tell a story filled with espionage, gun smoke, and adrenaline, in the style of John Wick, James Bond, or Kingsmen!

Each player will be able to build a character around action hero Roles and Tropes that will help determine your class and abilities. Choose from The Ace, The Agent, The Brain, The Charmer, The Commando, The Criminal, The Fighter, The Nobody, The Sleuth, or The Spy. Each of these Roles have their own subclasses and unique actions to help your party survive another day!

For Directors (Game Masters), gain access to whole collection of potential enemies, grunts and leaders alike, along with unique perils to throw at your players. If that isn’t enough, then check out the in book adventure to get your game off the ground!

This game is powered with the Director’s Cut game engine. Players will need to gather up all their d6s, determine how many they need for their ability check, then roll! But this system is not about how high a number you roll – instead, it is all about finding pairs of numbers within the dice rolled. The higher the number of matching sets of dice, the higher the success!

Outgunned – Cinematic Action RPG comes out in May, 2024! Back your copy here!

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