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Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - December 1, 2013

Champion’s deck – Mono-Blue Devotion – Marcin Staciwa (Grand...

Nightveil Specter
Mono-Blue Devotion
Marcin Staciwa
Grand Prix Vienna – Top 8
Lands (25)

Creatures (28)

Planeswalkers (2)

Continuing on it’s path of dominance the Mono Blue Devotion deck has continued to show why it is one of the premier prevalant decks in the current standard metagame.  Built on a solid curve from one through to four the goal of the deck is to drop a Master of Waves bringing with it seven elemental friends.  The deck is built for aggression and that can been seen with the lack of permission despite being blue.  What this deck really capitalizes on from the blue mana is the power of card draw from the Bident and Jace.  Cyclonic Rift to clear away blockers allows you to build to a lethal alpha strike and power through for the kill.