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Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - December 4, 2015

2015 MTG Holiday Card – Goblin Sleigh Ride

2015 MTG Holiday Card

We have finally found out what the 2015 MTG holiday card will be. If you weren’t already aware, every year Wizards of the Coast prints a special promotional MTG holiday card just for their employees and a select few. These cards are always fun cards in the vein of the Unglued & Unhinged with a very holiday spin to them. Last year we saw Mishra’s Toy Workshop, the first one was the hilarious Fruitcake Elemental, and my personal favorite was Snow Mercy. This year we get another hysterical offering with Goblin Sleigh Ride and as you can see it is oozing flavor. While these cards are not legal for tournament play, I’m sure there are many Commander playgroups who don’t mind adding the zany fun into the game. I hope you are lucky enough to unwrap one of these beauties under the tree this holiday season.

2015 MTG Holiday Card - Goblin Sleigh Ride