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Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - October 9, 2013
Three Kings Loot - January 2, 2013

New’ish – Gatecrash Spoilers: Gideon Champion of Justice, ...

~Gideon, Champion of Justice

Looks good at 4 casting cost. His +1 can get him big and help you soak damage, but watch out not to get killed from a tragic slip with his 0 ability “watch that banana peel G!”.

foundry champion

He’s good in limited, he’s removal and can be a finisher. His pump abilities make him good attack and defense.

Gruul Keyrune

Keyrune with trample. Add some Bloodrush for the finsiher…

clan defiance

Good hoser and straight to opponents dome. I definitely pick that when playing Gruul.

Nightveil specter

A 2/3 flyer for 3 is ok I guess. His mill ability could get annoying in limited, especially if your playing some of the same colors it could get nuts. I’d prefer a hippie.

Hands of binding

Using the cipher on an unblockable in limited makes me like this card.