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Three Kings Loot - April 11, 2013

Dragon’s Maze promos & tokens

Prerelease promos

Maze's end_prerelease Plains_Prerelease_land

Gameday promos

Trostani's Summoner_gameday_participateMelek Izzet Paragon_gameday

Launch promo

Breaking & Entering_launch

Buy-a-Box promo

Render Silent_Buy-a-Box promo

New Token for Dragon’s maze League


New Token


Three Kings Loot - January 2, 2013

New’ish – Gatecrash Gameday, prerelease and launch promos

Gameday_gatecrash_Zameck Guildmage

Gatecrash Gameday Promo
I like this guys abilities. He’s got draw and makes your creatures bigger. He has synergy with creatures with evolve and potentially good card advantage.


Gatecrash Launch Promo

prerelease_dimir_Consuiming Aberration

Prerelease Dimir

Gatecrash Prerelease Gruul

Gatecrash Prerelease Gruul