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Tyson Fraleigh - March 24, 2023

Galactic Renaissance!

Galactic Renaissance is a deck building game that will put you in the driver’s seat of a intergalactic empire looking to expand to distant worlds. Get up to four of your friends together to explore the universe and make your claim on the galaxy!

Planets are in need of your help! Chaos has led to the near destruction of your planetary neighbours. Whether it be famine, war, or disease, you will need to send your Emissaries to help out. For your trouble, alliances will grow, and you become the most powerful force on this side of the galaxy…

Start off the game by building up your hand with powerful Specialist cards to grant you powerful abilities. Draw cards to recruit more Specialists, then teleport to a planet in need of aid. Either sow or solve discord by adding your own pieces and removing others. Take control of the planet one space at a time!

Need help getting the upper hand? Activate special planet abilities to bolster your Emissaries, gain Victory Points, and more! Use these abilities to help complete challenges which will grant you Victory Points. Make sure to get your hands on a Senator card in order to double your points every time you gain them!

Galactic Renaissance comes out in April, 2024! Back your copy here!

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