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Tyson Fraleigh - March 18, 2022

Fragged Empire: 2nd Edition!

In the upcoming Fragged Empire: 2nd Edition RPG, you are thrown into a universe in crisis. After an inter-galatic war has led to the fall of the Archon nations, a delicate peace has returned. But that doesn’t mean that trouble isn’t hiding around the corner…

The 2nd edition of Fragged Empire brings brand new mechanics and simpler rule systems to help keep your game moving forward. In this new edition, you will be able to obtain new Traits, Weapons, and Items as you travel around the galaxy; try out the brand new Arcane Skill Roll system for casting spells; and dive right into a fight with brand new combat rules!

Become one of eight playable races as you take on the worlds, from the free-market loving Corporation to the resurrected Remnants. Choose your ship’s type, whether it be combat or speed based, and explore the galaxy one job at a time.

Looking for some places to vacation or run wild? Then make sure to explore the three different planetary systems! Visit the Haven System if you are looking for a system filled with terraformed paradises; check out the Kasuf System if you are looking for mayhem and ruins; finally, try VAR-2205 if you would prefer to stay out of the prying eyes of the authorities.

Did you not find what you are looking for to really establish your new campaign? Then build your own planetary system! The guidebook will give you all the tools required to build the galaxy of your dreams.

Fragged Empire comes out digitally in April of 2022. Physical copies will be sent out in November, 2022. Back your copy here!

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