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Tyson Fraleigh - April 21, 2023

Fractured Sky!

Fractured Sky is a blind bidding, resource management game that tasks you with finding pieces of a fallen star. Chase down leads, construct buildings and ships to establish your dominion, secretly send troops to locations, and sneak a peek at future star locations!

Five kingdoms are in search of incredible power. A star has split into five pieces, scattered across the land. It is rumoured that whoever takes all these star pieces and puts them together will be granted a single wish. Whether it be wealth, power, or something more personal, everyone has something to gain from this wish… and everything to lose if they fail.

Each player controls a nation in search of the star shards. Over the course of five rounds, a card will be played to reveal the position of the next star shard. Players will get the chance to travel the board and drop troops on islands in order to collect the shards at the end of the round. However, when you send troops, the total number will be hidden from your opponents, resulting a secret bidding match up that will keep you guessing!

Need to bolster your numbers? Then spend some resources to build fortresses and markets to build your power. Get access to reinforcements when you need them the most, or sneak a look at one of the secret star shard locations! Even check out the secret round objective to gain some bonus powers.

Fractured Sky comes out in January, 2024! Back your copy here!

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