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Tyson Fraleigh - September 21, 2023


FOUNDERS is the newest coopetition eurogame from This Way !, the publisher behind I C E! Take on the role of a Founder of the first city of ICE and slowly build your way to the top of the city’s political structure.

The world only knows the cold. Humanity survives from day to day, doing their best to live out in the icy tundras. Life is short, brutal, and terrifying.

However, a small group of capable survivors have found a haven from the cold – The Hearth. A spire of light, known as the Edifice of the Ancients, ignites the room, filling it with light and heat. These survivors have begun to build a city around this artifact, drawing upon its energy to build and expand. But only one of the Founders can become the Master Councillor, the leader of this new city. Only those with wits and an eye for politics will be able to get ahead.

Players begin by choosing their Founder, each with their own unique mechanics and bonuses. Each player is then given two Design cards and two Colour cards. These cards will dictate how you should place districts to score the most points.

Each turn will have players playing tiles, deducing what other players’ win conditions are, and building temporary alliances to further your mutual ends. Work together to build districts, or work by yourself and complete your goals on your own.

Make sure to keep an eye on your so called enemies. Some players at the table will be your secret allies, helping you on your journey. But be careful who you call friend – or you may end up on thin ice.

FOUNDERS comes out in December, 2024! Back your copy here!

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