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Tyson Fraleigh - April 14, 2022

Flee, Mortals!

Watch out, adventurer! Monsters and mayhem lie ahead! In Flee, Mortals!, MCDM welcomes a wide new assortment of terrifying creatures for your next D&D game.

Have you run out of interesting monsters to throw at your party? Do you find the monster stat blocks occasionally boring, repetitive, or difficult to manage? This new monster guide slims down the rules for both new and old creatures, creating simple monster cards to run terrifying creatures.

But just because the stat block is easier to run doesn’t mean that the creature is less powerful. For specialty monsters that are made to be the lead villain of a scenario, this guide has created Action-Oriented Creatures. These creatures are given plenty of abilities as reactions, bonus actions, and even free actions to keep combat interesting.

This guide will also introduce Villain Actions. These special actions can be used similarly to Legendary Actions as a chain to have devastating effects on your players. These actions will have an order to best be utilized by the DM during encounters.

But evil monsters are not the only thing being given a boost in this set. This guide establishes rules for special Companions to take on your journeys. You now will have access to special abilities usually limited to monsters, be able to adopt and take new Companions with you, and even rules about Companions under combat effects!

When it comes to monsters and pets alike, Flee, Mortals! has everything you need to change your game from chaos to clarity.

Flee, Mortals! comes out October, 2023! Back your copy here!

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