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Tyson Fraleigh - December 31, 2021

Fall of the Mountain King!

Fall of the Mountain King is a prequel to the wildly successful game In The Hall of the Mountain King! In this game of power and glory, work independently to build your own Troll armies to hold off the Gnome hordes! Gain the reputation of a great military leader and take on the role of Mountain King for yourself before you lose it all!

This is a game all about finding glory at the end of a sword. You will not save the mountain, but you can damn well die with honour. Outmaneuver your fellow Troll opponents, recruit heroes of old to your army, and impress the clans of the mountain before its inevitable fall. Whoever holds the most respect by the end of the battle may die, but their family and clan will be remembered as true heroes. Heroes worthy of the title Mountain King once your home has been rightfully taken back…

Follow up this battle strategy game with In The Hall of the Mountain King, and complete your story! Your destiny of rule awaits!

Fall of the Mountain King comes out in May of 2022! Pre-order your copy here!

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