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Tyson Fraleigh - November 28, 2022

Elden Ring: The Board Game

Welcome back to the world, Tarnished. Plunge back into The Lands Between in Elden Ring: The Board Game! Explore the world, face off against dangerous monsters, and gather resources in order to complete this massive campaign!

Since The Shattering, The Lands Between has become a place of chaos. The Great Runes have been claimed, turning their god-like wielders into nothing more than corrupted madmen. Only one can return all the Great Runes together in order to re-form the Elden Ring, and ascend to the role of Elden Lord… will it be you?

Choose your Tarnished from eight different options, each with their own starting quests and equipment: the Hero, the Samurai, the Astrologer, the Prophet, the Bandit, the Vagabond, the Confessor, or the Prisoner! Choose to either go the adventure alone, or travel with up to three other Tarnished. Traverse a modular world, discover side quests, and defeat dangerous monsters, from Rotten Strays to the Grafted King himself!

Will you take your place on the throne as the Elden Lord? Or will you be corrupted by the Great Runes yourself?

Elden Ring: The Board Game comes out in May, 2024! Back your copy here!

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