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Tyson Fraleigh - September 13, 2023


Ecryme is getting translated into English! Enter a world of steampunk, supernatural mystery, and post-apocalyptic intrigue in this classic RPG! Originally only published in French by game designer Mathieu Gaborit, Ecryme is now coming out in a full English release!

The world wades in destruction. The surface of our world is an ocean ecryme, a acidic substance that burns away everything it touches. To adapt to this new danger, industrialization has gone into overdrive, creating cities composed of metal and stone, outside the reaches of the corrosive substance. Massive bridges connect distant cities while airships help the wealthy traverse through dangerous locations. It is a dangerous world, but things are currently at a tense peace.

But it won’t last forever. While spectacles of industry are a plenty, things are beginning to fall apart. Some cities are planning for war, trying to get their hands on as many resources as possible. Other cities are hiding things, including why the ecryme was created in the first place… and even how to destroy it.

Will you be able to discover the truth?

Ecryme runs on a rules lite 2d6 system. Your successes and failures will be determined by how much you roll over or under the target number. The higher the margin of success, the better the result. The higher the margin of failure, the worse the result.

Players build their characters using four key attributes: Traits, Skills, Ideal, and Spleen.

  • Traits are words or attributes that the player associates with their character. Whenever you roll while embodying a Trait, you gain bonuses to the roll.
  • Skills are broken up into fifteen different options under three categories (Physical, Mental, Social). These Skills grant specific bonuses, regardless if it matches with you Trait.
  • Ideal is your character’s overall goal. At a dramatic point in a game when you are fighting to achieve your ideal, you will be able to roll an additional die and take the highest two dice to determine if you succeed.
  • Spleen is the thing that your character hates the most. Whenever facing off against it, you may be asked to roll an additional die and take the lowest two dice to determine if you succeed.

Once you have built your character, your Conductor (Game Master) will lead you on an story filled with intrigue, technological wonder, and harrowing adventure! Learn more about the mysteries of the ecryme, stop war between nations, and perhaps even save the world from total devastation.

Ecryme comes out in June, 2024! Back your copy here!

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