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Tyson Fraleigh - December 28, 2021

Yu-Gi-Oh: Dimension Force!

Get ready to warp the meta with Yu-Gi-Oh’s spring set release, Dimension Force! Bend the laws of reality with brand new archetypes and some pesky old favourites making their return!

The Pendulum gang is back at it! This set will see some brand new Performpal and Odd-Eyes cards to help welcome the brand new Ritual Pendulum monster! Expect some extra Pendulum support from a brand new Link monster to get your deck engine running.

Do you have no affection for the Pendulum crew? Then why not resurrect some love for Zombie decks! Wield the power of a brand new Red-Eyes Zombie monster to special summon other Zombie cards to the field. Not only that, but the Red-Eyes Zombie can even resurrect itself from the Graveyard!

Not enough for you? Then check out the return of Predaplant and Starving Venom with a new Fusion monster to eat your opponents creatures! Or perhaps dive into the Psychic deck archetype, where a brand new Synchro summon monster will decimate your opponent’s board. When you are shifting through dimensions, anything is possible!

Dimension Force

Dimension Force comes out on May 20th, 2022!

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