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Tyson Fraleigh - May 26, 2023

Candela Obscura!

Candela Obscura is an upcoming cosmic horror fantasy RPG from the folks of Darrington Press! Explore a vast world, investigate strange mysteries, and survive dangerous encounters with alien creatures…

The world of Hale is in flux. After a bitter six years of war, the nation of the Fairelands have finally claimed victory over the nation of Otherwhere. From the spoils of their victory, The Fairelands has been blessed with industry, money, and powerful technologies. The capital of Newfaire has become a cultural and political titan across the world.

However, Newfaire is having some… issues. Strange things have been taking place across the city – alien creatures have split into reality; people bursting into flame for no apparent reason; mad whispers heard on the wind, driving the public to insanity.

As these strange occurrences have become more and more common, an secret esoteric order was formed to deal with these aberrations. It is the job of the Candela Obscura, a group of investigators who specialize in the strange and occult, to solve these mysteries – to look beyond the veil and find what darkness lives on the other side, and defeat it.

This game operates on the brand new Illuminated Worlds System, using d6s to help tell the story. Spread your skill points into the Nerve, Cunning, and Intuition skills to determine how many d6s you will roll for each check. Once your skills are chosen, choose your Role and Specialty to gain access to special abilities and traits!

One of the defining aspects of this game is its Scars system. Each time you encounter a terrifying encounter, players will be able to move around their skills and abilities to reflect their character change. A lot of thought and care has been put into these mechanics, allowing players to bring their own ramifications for their character arc instead of having consequences imposed onto them.

Candela Obscura will come out in late 2023! Check out the quickstart guide here!

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