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Gregoire Thibault - November 6, 2013

Deck of the Day: Boros Aggro Devotion (Top 8 Grand Prix Santiago – T...

Chained to the rocks

Boros Aggro Devotion –  Midrange

Carlos Davi Montenegro

GP Santiago Top 8
25 lands

1 planeswalker


15 sideboard cards

We have another Boros deck that made Top 8 this weekend, but this one was in Chile at Grand Prix Santiago. The first one piloted by Benjamin Lundquist was like a White Weenie deck with red splash for Boros Charm and more answers in the Sideboard. You can check it out here. This version borrows from  Mono-red devotion and RDW with a splash of white. Boros Charm is used again, but this time in the board. Chained to the Rocks is great and cheap white removal that demands using Mountain. Assemble the Legion, also in the board, can get quickly out of hand against decks without an answer.

The creatures are all red with as much red mana symbols to abuse the four of Fanatic of MogisPurphoros, God of the Forge in the Board mut also get activated quickly in this strategy. This deck is not like the other devotion or aggro decks, because it borrows from the control strategy. Using the Mizzium Mortars to sweep the opponents board is a powerful strategy in this aggro meta.