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Tyson Fraleigh - January 6, 2022


It is time to transcend, adventurer! Bitoku is a hand-management game all about ascending to become the next great spirit of the forest!

You play as a Bitoku forest spirit, looking to take your next step in the spirit world. To become a higher spirit, you will need some help. You win points by utilizing various resources, including using yokai cards, helping lost spirits known as mitamas, and managing pilgrims who will follow your wisdom.

Yokai cards offer you special abilities that you can play throughout the game, but each one has their own conditions for play. Make sure to play them at the right time to get the most out of their abilities. You also have three yokai guardian spirits that can obtain new resources for you to use. These can include building structures, obtaining soul crystals to gain extra actions, and more!

Helping mitamas requires completing certain tasks and utilizing fireflies in order to help these wandering souls find their homes. Each saved spirit will give you addition points to add to your final score. Finally, pilgrims will follow the will of your Bitoku, seeking your wisdom through contemplation. They will then travel back home, and potentially find new pilgrims for you to add to your roster!

At the end of the game, tally up the points you gained from utilizing all three of these resources, and claim your title as the great forest spirit!

Bitoku comes out in 2022!

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