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Tyson Fraleigh - February 16, 2022

Become the Hero!

Become the Hero is the next upcoming set from Gate Ruler! Filled with technomantic dreams and some powerful new rulers, this booster set is sure to inspire a big change in the meta.

This booster set will see the release of five new rulers, along with a plethora of powerful cards to add to your decks. There will be over 130 new cards up for grabs, including numerous Secret Rares to get your hands on. That’s not even mentioning the four Legend Rare cards that will promise to change the course of the game.

Each booster pack will include ten cards, each booster box will include thirty-six packs, and each carton will include six boxes.

Become the Hero cover art

Become the Hero comes out on May 13th, 2022!

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