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Tyson Fraleigh - August 9, 2022

Barbaric: After the Apocalypse!

Barbaric: After the Apocalypse is a semi-cooperative/competitive miniature board game where you and your friends attempt to steal the Atomic Core from a monster known as ‘The Queen’. Each player will take turns exploring the board with their Rider and Gear, discovering resources, new abilities, and new monsters to defeat!

Each player gets to choose one of the mutated characters (known as Riders), as well as one of the traversal beasts (known as Gears) to play as. Combine the Rider/Gear boards and cards to prepare your game state. Each turn, players will be able to move across the board or start salvaging for resources to upgrade your Rider and Gear. You can expend resources to learn new skills and further grow your character deck.

But don’t wait too long – The Queen and her minions are growing ever stronger as time passes. You will need some help if you are going to face these monsters head on… but only one of you can be the victor. Whoever is able to get the Atomic Core and pull it off the board wins the game, regardless of alliances.

Don’t think you can win by facing off against The Queen? Then go about destroying your opponents. If you are able to successfully defeat each of your opponents twice in combat, you immediately win!

Very few get out alive in this world. No matter what, you just got to make sure you’re one of them. That Atomic Core is everything. Go get it, adventurer.

Barbaric: After the Apocalypse board art

Barbaric: After the Apocalypse comes out in June, 2023! Back your copy here!

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