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Tyson Fraleigh - January 17, 2023


Arborea is a team-sharing work placement game all about spirits tending to a vibrant natural world! Gather up to five of your friends to rebuild this paradise, one biodome at a time!

Once every thousand years, spirits rebuild the land of Arborea, a world of endless natural wonders. These spirits are responsible for cleaning rivers, purifying soil, attracting animals, and so much more.

But time is of the essence – each family of spirits are looking to establish their own habitat by the beginning of the following year. You will need to work quickly and diligently to be able to build your home in time!

As a spirit, you will have access to a supply of workers to help gather resources and build a new ecosystem for you to call home. Gain points by crafting your ecosystem brick by brick with the resources you have found. But beware – when you collect resources, your opponents also have access to them. Make sure to do as much as you possibly can in one move to ensure your victory!

Once everyone has completed their ecosystem, or run out of supplies, tally up your victory points and determine the winner!

Arborea comes out in October, 2023! Back your copy here!

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