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Tyson Fraleigh - April 21, 2022


Go back in time to a world filled with dragons and mayhem! Anastyr is a co-operative fantasy campaign strategy game where you and your friends reforge an ancient spear and go dragon hunting!

Anastyr, the Queen of Dragons, is a threat to all life across the world. Her children create chaos by pillaging villages, attacking cities, and bringing ruin to anyone who opposes them. But some have decided to stand up against these vile creatures. Working together to find pieces of a Worldspear, these heroes set out on a journey to end the reign of dragons once and for all… or die trying.

Start by choosing on of the six possible Heroes. Collect their character board and your action cards so you can understand your abilities. While in combat, chain multiple of these abilities together to build wild combos in the style of hack and slash video games! Work with your teammates to chain each other’s abilities into unstoppable strikes!

Use your beat’em up prowess to defeat any monster or minion in your way towards the Worldspear and stop at nothing to end the Queen of Dragons.

Anastyr comes out in July of 2023! Back your copy here!

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