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Tyson Fraleigh - March 2, 2023

An Age Contrived!

An Age Contrived is a competitive resource management game where players will take on the role of the gods! Have your followers build monuments in your honour, upgrade your action engine, and become the most powerful god in your pantheon.

As a god, there is nothing more resplendent than worship. You and your fellow deities may be young, but that just means you have nowhere to go but up. It is time to explore the mortal world, spread your influence, and take on as many followers as you can. If you can gather the most influence in the mortal realm, then you will be unstoppable… including against your fellow gods.

Each player begins by choosing one of five different deities: Aureon, The Traveler, a wandering god looking to collect stories both near and far; Rusne, The Bulwark, a protection deity who manages all dangers that appear across the land; Multanec, The Crafter, a inventor who inspires all they meet; Freyith, The Orchestrator, the keeper of the pantheon and faith; and Ignotas, The Keeper, he who manages the powers and magics of the pantheon.

Each turn, players will be able to use energy tokens to begin building monuments. Your god piece will then be able to move across the board, gathering believers, and increasing your worship. The more worship you gain, the more energy tokens you gain, which can be used to build other monuments.

Once all the monuments are constructed, players will be able to tally up their points from their monuments, as well as their additional tokens. Whoever has the most points by the end of the game wins!








An Age Contrived comes out in January, 2024! Back your copy here!

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