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Tyson Fraleigh - June 14, 2022

A New World Emerges…

A brand new hero cluster is upon us! A New World Emerges… is the next Force of Will booster set release coming this year! A new age is coming to the TCG and it’s time to prepare for all the madness in store.

There are a lot of new things coming to Force of Will in this brand new hero cluster. This set will include a brand new Ruler type with a brand new moon mechanic. Known as ‘Moonchild’ Rulers, these new Rulers will allow you to special summon J-Rulers into play.

This set will include:

  • 56 normal cards
  • 16 rare cards
  • 5 rare J-Rulers
  • 12 super rares
  • 4 marvel rares
  • 1 marvel rare J-Ruler
  • 6 Rulers
  • 5 Moonchild Rulers
  • 5 secret rares
  • 5 basic magic stones
  • 6 Will coins
  • 3 token cards
  • 18 life counter cards

This set will also have it’s own starter decks! Play as either the J-Rulers Asuka or Aristella, each with their own cards and powers! You will be able to pick up your starter deck on the same day as the booster box release.

A New World Emerges… comes out on August 26th, 2022! Pre-order your booster box set at Three Kings Loot!

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