The Epic Experiment Tovolar Art Comments
Avatar Bruce Gray - September 23, 2021

The Epic Experiment: Top 13 Commander Cards in Innistrad!

Welcome back to the Epic Experiment! The time has come for us to leave Adventures in the Forgotten Realms behind and to get ready for our return to Innistrad. It is time for us to head out for Innistrad:... Read More
The Epic Experiment Golos Tireless Pilgrim Art Comments
Avatar Bruce Gray - September 16, 2021

The Epic Experiment: The Golos Issue

Welcome back to another edition of the Epic Experiment! For anyone out there who may not be an avid Commander player, there was a banned and restricted announcement made on Monday, September 13th, 2021. I wanted to take a... Read More
Commander Comments
Avatar Bruce Gray - August 24, 2021

Commander Pre-Rotation Finance

Welcome back to the Epic Experiment! This is a difficult time of year for Magic: The Gathering players because we know rotation is looming and Standard is going to change. While many of the principles of Magic: The Gathering... Read More
The Epic Experiment Comments
Avatar Bruce Gray - July 6, 2021

The Epic Experiment: Keeping Casual in Casual Games

Welcome back to another episode of The Epic Experiment. The worst of the pandemic seems to be receding a little and in person play is going to be a reality again soon. This is exciting news because there is... Read More
Avatar Bruce Gray - May 31, 2021

The Epic Experiment: Modern Horizons 2

There’s no time to lose. Modern Horizons 2 will soon be here and it is time to dive into some of the previews and have a look for some fun cards to liven up your Commander game play. I... Read More
Avatar Bruce Gray - April 12, 2021

The Epic Experiment: Strixhaven Inbound!

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were just waiting for Strixhaven, and now we are swimming in previews and imagining all the new possibilities. As a Commander player, I am very excited by some of the new... Read More


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