Vast Grimm: Into Oblivion is a punk sci-fi MORK BORG inspired RPG throwing you to the edges of space. Travel across the universe as man or machine as you attempt to draw back humanity from the mouth of destruction!

It’s a cold, cold world out there among the stars. The isolation and the endless hostility would lead anyone to madness. Being planet side isn’t much better – poverty is rampant, food scarcity even worse. Every miserable day passes and leads humanity closer to it’s total annihilation at the hands of evil. But there are heroes out there, willing to face off against these ancient evils, defeat them for the greater good…

But most of them are dead now. A guess that just leaves you, huh?

Gather your party and choose one of the class options to punkify your hero. Whether you are a lone wolf killing machine, or a machine practising biochemistry with toxins and serums galore, you will need all the power you can get to survive. Choose your ship model, and take to the outer reaches of the stars, exploring distant planets and stars.

But don’t be fooled by the beautiful landscapes and vibrant vistas. Everything in this universe is out to kill you. Once you arrive at your objective, whether it is dealing with a parasitic cult or a hive of hungry astral beasts, make sure to have your weapons ready and your eyes open. You never know where your next enemy may be. They could even be in your crew…

There is only one true goal – humanity must survive. Do whatever is necessary to ensure your success.

Vast Grimm: Into Oblivion comes out in September, 2023!

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