It’s time to escape quarantine! In The Last of Us: Escape the Dark, up to five players will need to travel far and wide in order to find resources, craft new items, and find a new home…

Play as a survivor making your way from a FEDRA quarantine zone to Jackson, Wyoming, within twelve days. Travel across the board to different important locations to scavenge for food, supplies, weapons, and other useful crafting materials. Make sure to choose your path carefully, as every location will trigger different story beats and events you will need to overcome.

But resource management is far from the only consideration you need to make out in the wild. There are numerous enemies you may come face to face with, including Hunters, FEDRA agents, and/or Infected. Use item cards to make attacks and add dice to weapon damage.

The win condition for the game is that all survivors must live and be in Jackson by the end of the twelfth day. Your strategy to get there is all up to you. No matter what you face, whether you could maybe save another survivor or find a stash of goods, there is only one rule.


The Last of Us: Escape the Dark comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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