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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - May 5, 2021

Your Mana Horoscope: Round 2!

Ah, welcome back adventurer. Did you miss this little hovel of mine?

Another mana reading? I see – not satisfied by just one, hm? Very few people only use one mana type nowadays anyway.

Let’s do something a little more complex for you. Got your favourite two mana colours in mind? Good. Let’s get to it.


There is nothing better than fighting fire with whiskey, huh?

Not only do you control your opponent’s board, but you are able to wipe the floor with their creatures. There are a lot of board wipes in this kind of deck, so be prepared. I would suggest starting out with a Giant deck from the Kaldheim release – you can do a lot with Battle of Frost and Fire and a Doomskar Titan.


Ah, someone who wants total control over their destiny. Control over the board isn’t good enough for you, hm?

Aside from Dimir, Azorius is the most frustrating deck to face. Azorius is very good using Saga’s, flying creatures, and ghosts to their advantage. With cards like Elspeth Conquers Death mixed with Yorion, Sky Nomad, you aren’t going to have any trouble fazing creatures in and out of the field in order to trigger multiple entering effects at once.


Ah, I see – The history nerds at their finest.

Boros relies heavily on spirits, enchantments, and artifacts to boost their creatures. Many Boros cards have big bonuses when artifacts enter the field, such as giving allies indestructible. This deck has been really boosted in the past two sets by Velomachus Lorehold as well as the Magda, Brazen Outlaw to Goldspan Dragon combo. All to say – you have lots of options if you find this deck interesting.


Are you okay?

Like really, are you sure?

Rakdos is just… death. Incarnate. You just kill everything on the board.

That’s it. As for cards… check out Rakdos, The Showstopper and Rakdos Return.


Ghosts don’t bother you – really, any undead creature is more of a friend than foe.

Orzhov relies a lot on resurrection, sacrificing, regaining health, and boosting creatures. For this reason, Vampires are a common archetype in Orzhov. Check out Teysa, Orzhov Scion to imagine what kind of combos you could chain.


Mixing nature and science to make powerful creatures? This isn’t your parent’s naturopath.

Simic decks have crazy monsters. They have the capability to flash deadly creatures to the board, but also counter opponent tactics. Between these two aspects, Simic is always a very deadly option to consider adding to your deck collection. The best card that shows what Simic does best is Koma, Cosmos Serpent from the Kaldheim release.


Ah, yes – the mischief makers.

Dimir decks are good at two things – making your opponent take a lot of damage to their face and making your opponent out draw their deck. Dimir never wins in the traditional way. The best cards that illustrate this are Ruin Crab and Elspeth Conquers Death. Just be ready when you opponent rages when you win – people have a tendency to do that when you beat them in such an unexpected way.


Ah, the goodie two shoes, no doubt. But don’t underestimate yourself – the good guy’s usually win for a reason.

Selesnya decks focus on board swarms and boosts. Why worry about one big creature that could be targeted easily when you could just crowd the board with an army? Not only that, but with enough time, you could boost them all into big creatures. Check out Karametra, God of the Harvests for a big boost to this kind of deck.


You know how in slasher films the killer just seems to keep getting up, no matter how many times you shoot him? Imagine that as a card archetype.

Simply put, Golgari are gravediggers – bring back your big scary monsters back to the field right after your opponent destroyed them. This kind of deck is going to be a lot of sacrificing and resurrection. I would suggest you check out the Pest mechanic in the Strixhaven release if this deck interests you.


Big boi’s and big boom’s. What could be better than that?

Gruul, at it’s heart, is what happens when you wrap an angry Giant in TNT. It’s not exactly subtle, but it will be a good show no matter what. Deal high amounts of damage both with instant spells and big creatures. If you want this deck to pack an extra powerful punch, look for Bonecrusher Giant and Embercleave to start swinging for the fences.

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - April 28, 2021

Your Mana Horoscope

Welcome to my little nook, traveler. We have lot of trinkets and do-dads if that catches your interest?

Oh, a mana reading? That can definitely be done. I just need to know one thing – what mana colour catches your eye? What one do you really find yourself attracted to the most often?

Let’s take a look at what your horoscope has to say…


A blue mana kinda person, huh? I see.

I can see a lot of logic puzzles in your future. You enjoy the simple things in life – as long as you understand them to the most minute detail. You never say ‘that’s enough’ – it’s an endless build of knowledge for you. Logic and reason are the best ways to fix your difficulties.

You also have a bit of a mischievous nature. You enjoy toying with your food before you eat it. The whole fun of the game is being able to mess with your opponent a little bit. Give them hope – and then immediately crush it.

Just be aware – you’re hubris could be your downfall. If you are facing a deck colour such as White, Black, or Green with big board capabilities, make sure you have something to deal with them. Otherwise, the hunter may become the hunted.


Ah yes – you have fire in your heart.

Passion and anger are two things tied very close together. Whether you do this for the art or for the pain, that’s up to you. It doesn’t matter when you burn your opponents into ashes.

You are the master of swarm control. No matter if it is herds of animals coming out of the brush with Green, or armies of undead with Black, you are able to make sure they don’t get too comfortable. And that’s not even getting started on how many Planeswalkers you’ve wiped.

While your destruction potential is immense, you do need to be cautious of those pesky Blue mana players. Fire is only as good as it burns, and Blue can often cause you to burn out before you know it.



A lot of growth here – Green mana, thick and thin.

You are an extrovert – when it comes to plants and beasts, that is. Lots of decks worry about having lots of creatures and people to back them up. But why bother with a bunch of people when one huge mammoth will do the work just as well?

You have a lot of friends out in the woods. It doesn’t matter their kin, origins, or allies. They are willing to help you swarm a battlefield at the drop of a hat.

The only thing that really gets you nervous is those pesky Red players – if they are able to wipe your starting board before the game even really begins, your toast. Be wary of fire, traveler, very wary…



Mm, very interesting. A black mana fanatic – darkness lingers here.

So, what is your preferred poison? Creature removal? Massive hoards of the undead? Sneaky rogues? You have it all. The only thing connecting all these things together is your joy in twisting the knife in your enemy. Victory is not enough – hope must be destroyed. You must crush your opponents by any means necessary.

While your ambition may lead you to some total wipe-outs, be wary – enemies are lingering everywhere against you. Be cautious especially of White – if you are not careful, they might end up with more health than you could ever imagine.



Ah, a true believer. White, through and through.

Being a White deck player means you have some friends in high places. Generals, Rulers, and Gods are your allies. Things like resurrection, healing, and controlling large enemies are every day boons to you. If Red and Black are worried about winning the short game, you are looking to the long game. You don’t need to rush – everything will fall into place eventually.

However, while you may have friends in high places, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about your opponents. Watch for Blue mana decks especially. If key cards to boost your health are countered, you may find yourself in a very tricky situation.


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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - April 26, 2021

Modern Horizons 2 Coming Soon!

Modern Horizons is returning in June! Modern Horizons 2 will be bringing some brand new cards to the Modern and Eternal format, skipping right over Standard entirely.

If it’s skipping Standard, what should you expect? None of these cards will be legal Standard games but it will have some very interesting cards. With a much more liberal power level in the Modern and Eternal formats, these cards are going to do a lot.

What should we expect? While we don’t have spoilers as of yet, we do have the cards from the past Modern Horizons set to consider.

Based on Modern Horizons, we saw a lot of cards with Protection. These Protection cards can really clinch game depending on what your opponents are playing. This is especially true for red and black. Without spot removal, red and black decks become nearly useless.

There was also a lot of toughness/power buffs or banes. This could be a great help removal or a great power gain over time. Add all the boost artifact cards in the set like Sword of Sinew and Steel, you never know what you will be facing.

Over all, Modern Horizons showed how heavy the Modern format could swing. You are going to get even bigger creatures on the field who can hit harder, take bigger hits – a no-holds barred, all out fight to the end. Modern Horizons 2 is sure to do this again, hopefully with some new mechanics to introduce.

Who knows – if there is a Protection mechanic, maybe a Critical mechanic?

Modern Horizons 2 comes out June 11th!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - April 21, 2021

Top 5 Cards from the Strixhaven Release!

Strixhaven is officially out on Friday, so it’s time to note the best of the best so you know what to look for while you’re cracking packs! While these cards might not be the rarest of the rare, these will all absolutely help you build your next favourite deck.

Enough with the introduction – let’s get to the good stuff.

Daemogoth Titan

I am shocked this card is not getting more heat. Daemogoth Titan may have the highest potential to destroy the Standard meta-game in my opinion.

First, the mana cost. Four of green or black will help make sure you never get mana blocked again. Second, this is a non-legendary creature, so you can pack your deck with four of these bad boys.

Most people may find this card useless because of the sacrificial aspect of this card. However, Witherbloom’s whole base mechanic is sacrificing Pest cards. If you are packing a Beledros Witherbloom, Valentin, Dean of the Vein, or any Pest generating card (which there are plenty), you will have plenty to sacrifice, letting you boost your health along the way. As long as you set up your deck with plenty of Pest building, you are going to be doing fine by this guy.

Also, with a 11/10 creature, you aren’t going to need to play the long game. If you are able to get some spot removal, such as Heartless Act or Murder, you will be able to clean your opponent’s board, and swing with the heavy hitter.


Vanishing Verse & Rip Apart

I put Vanishing Verse and Rip Apart together because they are very good for similar reasons. Vanishing Verse and Rip Apart both have a two mana cost that have great removal possibilities. These puppies will become household names for W/B and R/W decks accordingly, I am sure of it.

Don’t hesitate to pick these two up if you like Orzhov or Boros. You will not be disappointed.


Test of Talents

Ah, a return to the days of annoying blue decks. Test of Talents at the right time could absolutely destroy your opponents hand. This is especially true if you see a key to an opponents combo chain about to be used. At a two mana cost, this card could destroy an opponent’s entire strategy, especially if they have no exile play capability.

Just make sure to hold onto this card until you really need it. You don’t want to use it too quickly and find out that their battle strategy was actually something else all along.


Silverquill Silencer

Silverquill Silencer is absolutely bananas. For a two mana cost, having a 3/2 that is able to drain your opponent’s health is unheard of. Not only that, but it is a great meta killer. With it’s name drain ability, any other Strixhaven decks are useless since most cards have the name Prismari, Witherbloom, Silverquill, Lorehold, and Quandrix.

As long as you are familiar with the meta, you can pull this kind of shenanigan with any deck. All you need to know are what cards in the deck are likely to have four copies, and are pivotal to the deck’s combo set up, and wait. Your opponent will either need to rethink their entire strategy, or be willing to sacrifice life to get it jump started. Either way, it is going to be a quick trip to the end game, especially if you have four of these in your deck.


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Avatar Bruce Gray - April 12, 2021

The Epic Experiment: Strixhaven Inbound!

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were just waiting for Strixhaven, and now we are swimming in previews and imagining all the new possibilities. As a Commander player, I am very excited by some of the new Elder Dragons and what they mean for brewing new decks.

In that vein, I wanted to take some time to highlight the namesakes of the Strixhaven set and to scope out some cards that I think will make excellent additions to your decks. Let’s jump right in!

Galazeth Prismari

Galazeth Prismari is probably what we have come to expect from an Izzet coloured Commander. Galazeth has a part of his card that is tied directly to slinging spells, which is at this point almost the most predictable angle we could take this colour combination. The neat little wrinkle here is that he creates you a treasure token. I have been proposing decks that play much less traditional ramp pieces in favor of treasure makers, and Galazeth may be the right one.

On top of the ramp, a 4 mana Commander is appealing because it would allow you to bring it out at an early stage of the game. Galazeth is intriguing due to the interaction with artifacts and turning them all into mana rocks to ramp out nasty spells. It will be yet another interesting puzzle to tinker with.


Shadrix Silverquill

Shadrix Silverquill is an interesting Commander because of the group hug feel. The part of this design I like the best is that it looks as if it could almost be Standard playable as a 5 mana, big bodied, flier, but the trigger that happens each combat very clearly wants this to be your in Command zone and not in your 60 card Orzhov standard deck. The fact that you get am effect, and so does one opponent creates a political dynamic that many commanders miss out on and that really makes the game more interesting on a whole other axis.

I also like the fact that Shadrix’ modes are flexible. Need a creature? Deal. Lacking some card draw? Okay! Need to pump up a critter to attack? No problem. And sure, you need to give a little something to your opponents, but every mode can be used to advance your game.

Even more intriguing is if you give both modes to other players. Who knows what untold shenanigans can be conjured up as a result of you playing. Again, this is another puzzle to unravel and one that I am looking forward to tackling in the weeks to come.


Tanazir Quandrix

Tanazir Quandrix is the first of these dragons that I don’t particularly want as my Commander, but could be very interesting in the 99. First off, Simic has had a plethora of interesting new Commanders recently and this guy just seems a little underwhelming. Add in the fact that the Enter the Battlefield trigger of doubling +1/+1 counters on a single creature really isn’t as good as it sounds. Sure, it could be tremendous, but Vorel of the Hull Clade already does that and can be played much cheaper.

The secondary ability sounds a bit like an Over Run style of effect, but here is the problem… you are already looking to make big things with the counters, turning them into 4/4’s with counters doesn’t really feel like a big upgrade unless you are going really wide.  Tokens? Lots of dorks? I guess, but it feels unexciting.

Now, in the 99 of Vorel or the u/g Ezuri, this sounds like it could far more enticing and give these decks the sort of redundant mass counter doubler that they need to help push through damage.

I like the card, but I’m not sure it sparks its own deck, but rather plays a complimentary role in an existing deck.


Velomachus Lorehold

My first thought with this dragon is that this is an innovative way of giving R/W some card advantage with the attack trigger on Velomachus. However, at 7 mana I don’t think this is really a Commander of a R/W deck. R/W generally struggle to ramp enough to get to 7 mana, I’m not sure all the treasure makers on the planet could accelerate enough to make this viable, but I do have ideas around this as a reanimation target in a Mardu deck.

Unburial Rites would be perfect with this card, but we have also seen things like Whisper, Blood Liturgist, Bond of Revival, and Rise Again (not to mention things like Reanimate and Animate Dead) that can all be easily accessible targets to help you put Velomachus on the battlefield far sooner than anticipated. So, once again, I expect this to be a complimentary piece in a deck, but one that packs a nasty punch if you construct your deck correctly.

Beledros Witherbloom

This one appears at first blush to be the most obviously powerful of the 5 elder Dragons. 7 mana is still steep, but unlike Velomachus, Beledros Witherbloom has access to green and the additional land that it can access. More ramp means you have a greater chance to play Beledros early in the game and that should give you an advantage. “At the beginning of each upkeep” is very easily abused in a 4 person game. Beledros just generates so much value that wants to be used as a sacrifice for some sort of advantage.

Things like Diabolic Intent to tutor up some sort of nasty trick, or a Ashnod’s Altar to generate yet more mana, or just using them to power Altar of Dementia and a mill kill.  This is also the perfect spot for a Hogaak, the Risen Necropolis where you can use up your tokens to pay to the Convoke of ‘Gaak.

However, the second clause really gets my attention.  To spend 10 life to untap all your mana is super broken.  We have seen the pervasive effect of Seedborn Muse, Prophet of Kruphix, and Wilderness Reclamation to turn the game on its ear, but with Beledros your intention is to do it once and use that doubling of your mana as the final nail in the coffin.

My initial thought you might do this with a Torment of Hailfire or other massive X spell to close out the game, but maybe the preference would be another sort of combo.  Either way, the game is coming to an end after you activate this ability.  I think Beledros has the most obvious applications and it just inherently powerful to such a degree that you can’t overlook this card.

Money Where Your Deck Is

Now, all of these dragons are currently pre-selling for somewhere around $10-15 mark CAD. This seems high and as a budget conscious player I would be looking to see them drop in price as people open up their sealed product.

I think Velomachus and Beledros are both too expensive to see extensive play in Standard. Similarly, Shadrix won’t see much Standard play because many of it modes to assist the other player and is likely to be shunned. Tanazir doesn’t really have a home yet because putting +1/+1 counters on things isn’t really what Simic/Sultai decks are all about these days.Galazeth, at 4 mana might have an outside shot at seeing play, but again, there really isn’t a U/R artifact deck in Standard.

With all of these having limited applicability I would expect to see prices drop. Then, Commander players can move in and get the pieces you want.

Notable Mentions

Elder Dragons are not the only special cards coming out in the Strixhaven set. Here are some other notable cards coming out soon.

Wandering Archaic seems like a very potent effect and making it on a colourless creature makes it something that is going to be widely adopted.  The sort of taxation effect described here is super powerful and copying spells is always good.

Harness Infinity seems like it could be something that is easily abused if you have an efficient way to stock your graveyard.  The fact that this an instant is also a huge boon because now you can cast on the End Step before your turn starts and now have a full grip of cards to redeploy.  Seems good to me.

Strixhaven Arena seems like a cute little alternate win con, but the fact of the matter is that you could play this as a mana rock and in some tiny number of games it wins you the game  How many times can you say your mana rock won you game.  Not many.  I’m kind of excited to give this a try and see if I can make it work.

Only The Beginning

This barely scrapes the surface of what we are seeing in terms of previews from Strixhaven. I haven’t even touched on the mystical archive cards and… goodness… those are spicy. This looks like yet another strong set for Commander players and affords us lots of fun options for brewing and enjoying the game.  Now… go forth… and brew!

Thanks everyone, if you want to hear more about my thoughts on Strixhaven or any other Commander related topic, please check out our weekly podcast on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, Amazon, and anywhere else you find your podcasts. Just look for the name The Epic Experiment Podcast! We’d love to have you join us!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - March 29, 2021

Time-Spiral Remastered: Top 5 Cards

With Strixhaven coming soon, it’s time to review the most recent release of Magic! Time-Spiral Remastered promised reprints of some old favorites to offer some new possibilities moving forward. But what are the best options for upgrading your deck?

Let’s take a look at what Time-Spiral Remastered has to offer, and see what the best options to pick from the set are.

Akroma’s Memorial

Akroma’s Memorial is the bane of some the biggest current meta decks, including Aggro-Red and Dimir Rogues. Though it is a seven mana cost, if you can get this beast on the battlefield, you can clean house without issue. The only downside to this card is that since it is a legendary, you will only be able to add one to your deck, making it a tricky card draw. However, if you have any artifact deck search cards, definitely put them together with Akroma. You won’t be disappointed.

Time-Spiral Remastered

Gemstone Caverns

Gemstone Caverns requires some luck to get it’s best effect, but it has a great payoff. Getting an any mana land can change the game. It doesn’t matter your colour combination, what cards you are planning on ramping up into. If you are able to draw into Gemstone Caverns in your opening hand, use that luck as much as possible.

Time-Spiral Remastered

Sliver Legion

Sliver’s are back, baby. These horrifying looking creatures have appeared in every mana colour, ready to create the most terrifying all mana deck you have ever seen. Add in the absolute monstrosity that is Sliver Legion, granting a major +1/+1 bonus to all the Slivers on all sides of the battlefield, and you will have a truly frightening army of faceless monsters. Just be prepared for some possible mana blocks – playing an all colour deck can be a real pain for that.

Time-Spiral Remastered

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir

Before he was a Planeswalker, Teferi was a powerful mage. And this card reflects this greatly.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir may not be the rarest or most expensive card being reprinted… but that’s part of the point. This card is powerful, and it is a solid option for budget players. It does have a five mana cost, which is pretty high, but the benefits match. Limiting your opponents the ability to cast instant spells to their turn restricts the use of counterspells, quick damage, etc. Teferi also offers any blue deck a great way to flash their creatures all the way to victory.

Wait… that didn’t come out right…

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

I know that our Dimir Rogue friends have been excited to see this.

Urbog, Tomb of Yawgmoth is a great option for anyone running a black combination deck. Being able to make any land colour also a swamp can be game changing. This is especially true if you are running a dual colour black deck, such as blue/black or red/black. With Urborg on the field, you never have to worry about getting mana blocked in one colour ever again.

Notable Mentions: Pact Cards

Pact cards are a mixed bag to say the least. While they have an initial zero mana cost, this immediately bonus is cut by having to pay the actual mana cost at the beginning of your upkeep. It is essentially mana financing – get the effect now, pay later.

While sometimes the cost of the spell may be pretty steep for the effect, such as Pact of Negation, Pact cards can absolutely change the course of a game if used correctly. Just make sure to use too many of them in one turn, or you may suddenly find yourself bankrupt of mana due to those pesky interest costs.

Pick up your copy of Time-Spiral Remastered here!

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Avatar Bruce Gray - March 23, 2021

The Epic Experiment – Hidden Gems

Welcome back to more from The Epic Experiment!

Today on The Epic Experiment, my intention was to highlight some gems that are in the current Standard format, but are either underplayed or under priced. With Time Spiral Remastered being the talk of the town, people are forgetting how soon Strixhaven and Commander 21 will be flooding the Commander format. So, before we forget, let’s grab a few of these other hidden gems that you may be very excited to play the next time you play webcam EDH or (fingers crossed) in person.

Cosima, God of the Voyage

On a recent episode of Brainstorm Brewery, Jason Alt said, “Cosima might be a better version of Rhystic Study in landfall decks.” Now, this is a pretty extreme position to take, but he may be right. The appeal of Cosima is that on upkeep you can exile it and  make it very difficult for your opponent to target it. A couple of land drops later, you bring Cosima back and draw enough cards to fill your grip back up.

Where does Cosima go? Landfall decks like Omnath, Locus of Creation, Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Straight are all obvious homes. However, Cosima can do much more. One option is to include Cosima in self mill lists like Sidisi, Brood Tyrant where casting something like Splendid Reclamation could now be doubly impactful. Don’t forget, a deck like Nevinyrarral could also leverage Cosima because you can exile Cosima, wrath away the board, and start accruing value just by making land drops.

Not Only A God

So far I have only addressed the front portion of Cosima. But the vehicle, the Omenkeel, is equally intriguing. Early in the game it is very powerful to cast the Omenkeel, crew it for 1, and then attack an open player to steal potential resources. However, it does indeed seem like a powerful option and one that probably bears more exploring.

I didn’t have a copy in paper, but I did have a copy of Cosima on Arena and so I took my testing to Brawl. The list I’m going to share has had very positive results and Cosima has tested extremely well. That deck is far closer to a tempo build looking to leverage drawing the game out longer and wrapping the game up with Ominous Seas and Kiroa Bests the Sea God, but Cosima, in both versions, are key to the game plan.

Cosmina Deck

The Epic Experiment

Esika’s Chariot

Drafter’s know that this card is a powerhouse in Limited, but is it any good in Commander?  The testing of this card has helped me to see that this card is very strong and may warrant the inclusion in token builds. I asked the question, “Is Giant Plow/Ox actually a viable deck?” From there it was a natural discussion to build the deck using whatever vehicles I could find. After Giant Plow, Esika’s Chariot was the next biggest payoff and thus four Chariots were added.

Let me tell you, more than a few opponents discovered just how rapidly the vehicles can run away with the game.

Esika’s Chariot is extremely impactful and opponents often have no idea how to effectively deal with a vehicle. They often pack artifact removal, but they may not prioritize the Chariot and seek to remove other artifacts from the board. While the vehicle deck has proven effective in Standard to populate a 1/1 or 2/2, in Commander the value from populating a more punishing token is far more noticeable.

Esika Deck

The Epic Experiment

Starnheim Unleashed

Entreat the Angels, the spiritual predecessor of Starnheim Unleashed, appears in 2% of all decks that could play it. The drawbacks to the card are numerous. You are very disappointed if you draw Entreat the Angels in your opening 7, or even in the first 5-8 turns of the game.

Meanwhile, Starnheim Unleashed has far fewer of the drawbacks. If you draw it early, you can foretell it and then forget about it until the later stages of the game. Yes, the casting cost is a bit challenging due to the double X in the Foretell cost, but you are paying for the increased flexibility.

I expect Starnheim Unleashed to see the price continue to decline. It may dodge reprints, but it may see even less competitive demand because of the continued decline of Legacy and no real competitive paper scene in the future. I would be looking pick this up in the next few months to be played in a whole host of Commander Strategies.

The Epic Experiment

This Week’s Deck!

This week’s deck sees me thoroughly captivated by the idea of Boros equipment. A couple of weeks ago I built a list using Feather and treasure makers… well this time I went further down the rabbit hole of Boros equipment. My fear is that the budget version is a trap and not very good and that I need a couple of powerful inclusions like Teferi’s Protection and Smothering Tithe to get a leg up on the competition.

The game plan is to suit up Wyleth with cheap pieces of equipment like Prying Blade, Bone Saw, or Honed Khopesh. This way, you can draw yourself some more cards, and then leverage these extra cards to get the beat down. It is a simple strategy, but Boros keeps getting strong options to the point where it is hard to ignore.

So, without further adieu, welcome to yet another Budget list!

Boros Deck

That’s all for me this week… Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to check out this week’s Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or wherever you find podcasts!

Do you have suggestions of what to help boost these deck’s potential? Then leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - March 2, 2021

Time Spiral Remastered: Oldies But Goodies

Time Spiral Remastered is just on the horizon. With the return of some old favourites, there is plenty of value to be gained.

Like the last Time Spiral set, these card reprints will have original Magic border art. This retro art work will impress both veterans and newcomers to the game. These reprints will also offer a chance for low budget players to get their hands on some copies of powerful cards, like Damnation.

We are also going to have the release of Lotus Bloom, the newest card in the Lotus series! This card will be a powerful addition to the meta, offering a three round countdown to three additional land on your side of the board. Even more impressive is it’s lack of Legendary feature, letting you net four copies into your deck if you so desire. Whether you put this card in your main deck or side board, Lotus Bloom is going to have an interesting impact on the meta.

time spiral remastered

Time Spiral Time Spiral


Time Spiral Remastered releases on March 19th. Pre-order your booster box at Three Kings Loot now! https://www.threekingsloot.com/catalog/magic_sealed_products-booster_boxes/time_spiral_remastered_draft_booster_box/781682

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