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Tyson Fraleigh - April 28, 2022


Cytress is a competitive resource trading game where you are looking to escape the underbelly of a cyberpunk city. Develop your life path as you accumulate points, use action cards based on your faction allegiances, and escape to the city summit!

Cytress is a city filled with greed and corruption. The underbelly is a sprawling metropolis of ruin and sickness, while the Stratos tower is filled with decadent pleasures. Anyone who is anyone lives in Stratos. As an underbelly citizen, your job is to get to the top of Stratos for good.

Every turn, you will be able to gain resources from factions throughout the underbelly. Build your reputation with each faction by performing specific character actions each turn. But be careful – failure for the factions is not an option.

After gathering your resources, travel around the board to different districts. Complete missions, make connections, or maybe even find a quick way into Stratos itself. As you perform more missions, you will be able to expand your characters’ skill set. Become connected to more factions to gain more resources, and make your way to the top of Stratos’s hierarchy!

Cytress comes out in April of 2023! Back your copy here!

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