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Roy Anderson Roy Anderson - March 4, 2015

5 Budget Modern decks

Glistener Elf (1)

Hello again fellow looters! It’s me Roy, back for another article this week. Now before we delve into our topic, I have to explain something. If you have been reading my past articles, you know that I promised that my next article would be a data-centric analysis of the new format One Fate Reforged Pack and Two Khans of Tarkir Packs. (Also that I would have an article once a week.) Well, as it turns out, watching 300+ games of magic is a ferociously difficult task for a full time college student who also works. I know that I just need to bolster myself with some coffee and sit down one day and maybe then I will have the prowess to just knock it out. Until then, I have some other ideas for articles including the topic for this week which is all about Modern on a budget. So before you raid my house, just know that I will try to dash out the article ASAP. Until then, let’s talk Modern! Also, Outlast! (See what I did there?)

Moving on, Modern is a format that has been around for a while, however, it has grown a lot in recent months. My local game store’s (LGS) Modern event now has just as many players as the standard events, On top of this, Star City and even Wizards have started embracing modern events more openly. The most recent Pro Tour was even modern which makes the format fresh in the magic community’s mind. Well, everyone else is doing this new thing the kids call “Modern” now, why shouldn’t I? I am hip right? Well, the problem lies in the cost of most modern decks. Some decks in this format can run as much as 500 to 800 dollars for a finished deck. That can be a lot especially because most of us either: love standard and spend the money on that format, spend all our money on drafting, or just don’t have any money. Have no fear! I can solve every problem for you except for the last one. I can even solve that one too if you change the word none to some! How will I do that? Well, with a budget deck of course!

Now, I scoured the internet and found five decks that I feel are good budget modern decks that still remain relatively competitive.  I even included a stock list with each archetype I post and this should be easily traded for. (Some of the cards may even be on this website! )

Disclaimer! The deck will not be perfect. There will always be some card that can make the deck inches better. That is not the goal with budget deck building. The goal here is to make the best deck with a limited budget that can go toe to toe with some of the real decks in the format without feeling like you are using a wet noodle in a sword fight. Also this is going to have a focus on having a bit of fun. These are decks you may not take to a Pro-Tour Qualifier (PTQ), however, they may do alright in your local store.

Without further ado, here is the top five decent/fun Budget Modern Decks!


  1. Burn

There is always some red deck that keeps all the other decks on the format on their toes. These decks tend to be really good because they can pick up wins just by having their opponent stumble for even one turn. This is due to this deck being very fast, however, there comes a point in every game where, if you haven’t won yet, you most likely won’t. Now, even the most competitive version of this deck is less than 100 which is much better than most Modern decks, but we can do better than that!


Cheap Red Burn



Now, as you can see this deck is designed to throw damage at your opponent and hope you can finish him off with Shrine or a top deck burn spell. You can even sideboard some Skullcrack’s in order to prevent decks with sources of life gain. Either way, this deck should be fun enough to play and win you enough games to warrant spending the 25 dollars or less the deck will cost.


  1. Tron

For those who are new to Modern, you may not be familiar with this deck. The premise is simple, get the set of Urza lands (Urza’s Mine, Urza’s Tower, and Urza’s Power Plant) into play and play big stuff and expensive spells. Now, there are many ways you can play this deck. You can play: Artifact, Mono-Blue, Mono-Red, Red/Green, and I am sure many other ways. However, for the sake of cost, I feel like Mono Blue Tron may have a cheap list for us. Now, when I say cheap, I mean for Modern’s budget. This deck unfortunately has some cards that are harder to forego that may cost a pretty penny. We will see what we can do.


Budget Mono-Blue Tron



This deck is all about quickly assembling the pieces of your land combo and start dropping big spells. Spine of Ish Sah, Wurmcoil Engine, and all your other spells become very easy to cast. Treasure Mage can help you find the creatures. Now this version took some hits to be extremely budget, however, if you like this deck you can slowly add in some of the more expensive powerful artifacts and combos. The most popular is Mindslaver and Academy Ruins. The reason that it is not in this deck is due to cost, however, I still left in a fun Spine of Ish Sah and Phyrexia’s Core interaction that is budget enough for us.


  1. Soul Sisters

Now this is a deck most people will tell you to play when you ask for budget modern decks, or at least they did when I asked. This deck is a mono white life gain deck that has some fun combos hidden in it. It gets its name from Soul Warden and Soul’s Attendant which both have you gain a life when a creature enters the battlefield. Couple that interaction with four Chalice of Life and four Ajani’s Pridemate, you have yourselves an interesting budget deck. Here is a fairly budget list I came across.


Budget Soul Sisters



This deck is actually the easiest to play out of the decks mentioned so far. It requires very little to understand how to get this deck going. This deck is very susceptible to removal, although, I bet you could make certain changes to improve its odds in the long run. It would also be a smart idea to eventually include some form of white removal in your deck to stop from being walked all over. That is down the road after you decide if you enjoy modern enough.


  1. Robots (Affinity)


Think of Affinity as a sort of artifact with a blue base aggro. This deck has been very successful and always remains a strong deck in the format. It even undergoes changes that allow for more variance. I have personally seen white affinity variants do very well in tournaments from time to time. For the sake of this exercise, we will be using a very stock mono-blue list I found with a lot of the expensive cards chopped out.


Sad Robots



The main idea with this deck is to flood the board with as many artifacts as you can. Master of Etherium can get the job done nicely. Cranial Plating is another nice and clean way to win along with a Ghostfire Blade as a new budget alternative (Credit to Nighthawk 101). Signal pest can even turn an army of Ornithopters into a few 1/2 fliers. Another fun interaction is Ensoul Artifact with a Darksteel Citadel. Who doesn’t like indestructible  beaters? Maybe your opponent…. Either way, this deck will be a very good budget deck to take to an FNM or local Modern tournament and get a fairly good placement and hopefully cash out.


Last but not least…..


  1. Mono-Green Infect


Why did this deck make number one? Well, that may have something to do with it being the deck that I actually build to get into Modern, but that just means I know it all the better! Now, mixing this deck with blue is seen as a more effective deck overall. It gives you access to an unblockable infect creature as well as some other ways to give your current creatures evasion. This comes at the cost of duel lands which as we know can be expensive.  I have taken the list I am going to give you to multiple modern events. Now, Infect has gotten more popular in recent years. Tom Ross and many other professionals have adopted the deck and this means it is under more player’s radar.

So here is the budget list I use whenever I want to play in a modern tournament.


Budget Mono-Green Infect



This deck has gone through many evolutions. When I first started playing this deck, Modern was just a fever dream of a few of my friends and I didn’t know what a real infect deck looked like. I had this idea of a deck with a possible upside of killing on turn two which sounded awesome. Slowly the tech got more improvements and this is the current form. Now, even just being mono green it could obviously be better. A play set of Blinkmoth Nexus would improve this deck. Might of Old Krosa may even be better than Giant Growth but, as I said earlier, this deck is the spirit of budget modern decks.


So I hope you all enjoyed my list! If you guys decide to play any of these decks, feel free to leave a comment or let me know via social media how it went. If you think there is a better budget option or I missed something, let me know! I treat my articles as a way to share information with you. Hopefully you chose to share some information back. Before, I let you go for this week, I have one more thing for you. An honorable mention!


Yes that’s right, it’s time to randomly plug a Modern deck I enjoy playing  but is really bad! Wait, did I mention it was a budget ?!?!?!? WELL WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!?!


Zombie Infestation



So many people may be looking at this and wondering how to play this weird deck? Well, I will tell you.  First, you mulligan until you get a hand with a Treasure Hunt. Does it matter which other cards you have in your hand? Not with this deck! Next, any hand disruption kills you right away. Then, once you have a land and a Reliquary Tower or two lands and turn three then we can begin. Treasure Hunt until you hit a Zombie Infestation. Play it, pitch your hand of now 30 to 40 cards, and then enjoy.


By Roy Anderson

@Sockymans on Twitter

Avatar Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - March 11, 2014

Deck of the Day – Affinity by Vipin Chackonal (2nd at GP Richmon...

Cranial Plating
Vipin Chackonal
2nd Place at Grand Prix on 3/9/2014
Affinity is a name that’s holds a deeper meaning then just what it stands for in Modern. Part of that meaning is why people tried to reinvent the deck to be known as Robots, but that name just wasn’t accepted. Way back when it was a deck that had a huge amount of game in Standard during the original Mirrodin era it was a menace to that format. This deck is certainly not the same deck as that as there are key elements that came out of Scars of Mirrodin which made the deck a much different beast. Also, the elements around it throughout the Modern metagame even out the playing field a little.

The key to Affinity is a critical mass of artifacts and this deck boasts 48 including the manlands. The reason why the amount of artifacts is so crucial is because Cranial Plating can turn a simple tiny creature into a one or two shot killing machine as it boosts power for each artifact you control. The army comes from a variety of artifact creatures starting with zero drop in Ornithopter and Memnite which help the deck start the game by emptying as much onto the battlefield as quickly as possible increasing the total artifact count substantially. The decks true one drop is Signal Pest with it team pumping Battle Cry and uniquely evasive ability, but Vault Skirge with it Phyrexian mana cost is most often played as a one drop and can quickly gain back the life lost paying for it. Speaking about pumping the team Steel Overseer is a card that if you are allowed to untap with it on the board can quickly make your army of mites turn into ferocious battle bots quickly. Another strong card is the Arcbound Ravager which carries a lot of history in the Affinity decks. With him able to manipulate the board state and sneak damage through where you opponent left himself defenseless can create an inevitable demise for your enemy. The final creature is Etched Champion which in a land of spot removal and opponents with colored creatures it reigns supreme. Often once you attain Metalcraft with him on board it’s gameover in very few hits. There is also two set of manlands with Blinkmoth Nexus and Inkmoth Nexus, both able to help end the game but Inkmoth with it poison counters pairs up with Cranial Plating very nicely to quickly infest your opponent from the inside out.

The deck also derives it blinding ability to speed its hand onto the battlefield with acceleration pieces in the form of Springleaf Drum and the impressively powerful Mox Opal. The Mox is able to get around the Legendary drawback of only one in play for you at a time by using the recent changes to the rules and allowing you to use it for mana, play a second sacrificing the first and then using the second for more mana often powering out a huge fighting force on the first or second turn. For some amount of removal and reach there’s the megabolt in Galvanic Blast which will almost always have metalcraft to burn for four. And finally we get to the draw power of the deck and only card with the Affinity mechanic to still be included in the deck with Thoughtcast which with all the ways to speed out your threats helps to ensure those threats just keep on beating.
Eric J Seltzer
@ejseltzer on Twitter


Jonathan Jonathan - January 26, 2013

The French connection – Modern Affinity with tournament report

Arcbound Ravager

Bonjour!  Je doute que quelqu’un d’entre vous me connaisse, car ceci est mon premier article. Je n’ai jamais été doué pour écrire, alors soyez aimable s.v.p. et donner moi des bons conseils et suggestions.

Je me présente, mon nom est Jonathan Vaillancourt (@cptprice67). J’ai commencé à jouer à Magic the Gathering en 2006 avec la sortie de Dissension. C’est un de mes amis qui m’avait montré le jeu. Je l’ai immédiatement adoré, parce qu’il me permet de crée une plénitude de Deck et de stratégie.

J’ai commencé à jouer compétitivement vers le début de 2011 lorsque j’ai fais un tournois Legacy au Face à Face. J’ai fais la finale contre Alexander Hayne, dont  j’ai perdu surtout a cause d’une  mauvaise décision de Sideboard.

J’ai fais quelques innovations et aider certain joueur dans la création de Deck. Le plus connu à se jour est probablement Hulk Rebirth que j’ai aidé à peaufiner avec Felix Lapan.

Depuis, je joue dans plein de tournois dans l’espoir qu’un jour me rendre a un Pro Tour. J’ai eu quelque succès comme plusieurs Top 8 de GPT  dont  3 Wins, une invitation au tournois  de face à face que j’avais gagné avec Reanimator T2, une autre 5e position dans un Team Trio et aussi j’ai manqué  un top 8 d’un des WCQ de très prés.

Sans plus attendre, voici mon Tournament report du dernier Modern PTQ. J’ai manqué le Top 8 par .10 de tie breakers, ce qui m’a vraiment enrager puisque j’étais 6-1-1.

J’ai choisi de jouer Affinity, parce que c’est celui avec lequel j’ai le plus d’expérience. Je l’avais déjà piloté dans un team trio avec  6-1 comme résultat. Je trouve le Deck relativement bon et c’était une bonne décision.

U Robot   

4 Blinkmoth Nexus
4 Darksteel Citadel
3 Glimmervoid
1 Island
4 Inkmoth Nexus

3 Arcbound Ravager
4 Master of Etherium
3 Memnite
4 Ornithopter
4 Signal Pest
4 Steel Overseer
4 Vault Skirge

2 Whipflare
4 Thoughtcast

4 Cranial Plating
4 Mox Opal
4 Springleaf Drum

Nature’s Claim
3 Etched Champion
2 Ethersworn Canonist
2 Rest in Peace
3 Blood moon
2 Whipflare

Voici mon rapport et pardonner moi je ne me souviens pas très bien de mes match-ups, car je ne prends pas de note.

Round 1 – William Blondon – Jund: 1-2/ 0-1
J’ai perdu cette ronde sur une série de missplay épouvantables, dont je ne me connaissais pas capable de faire. Je n’ai pas joué autour de c’est removal. C’ était temps que je me réveille si je voulais gagner quelque chose.

Round 2 – Dominic Dumais – RB Burn: 2-1/ 1-1
J’ai gagné se match même après avoir perdu un match pour une erreur de decklist

Round 3 – Calvin Chan – ?: 2-0/ 2-1
Les Juges ne m’aiment surement pas (deck check).

Round 4 –Evan Berry – UWR Tempo: 2-1 / 3-1

Round 5 – Remy Bouchard – RB Burn: 2-0 / 4-1

Round 6 – Jake Meszaros – UWR  Tempo: 2-1/ 5-1

Round 7 – Pascal Maynard – UWR  Tempo: 2-1/ 6-1

Round 8 – Simon Huot – UWR tempo: Draw/ 6-1-1                                                                                        J’ai décidé de faire partie nul, parce que mon adversaire avait de très bon Tie Breakers et il était assurer d’être dans le top 8. Je ne voulais pas prendre de chance non plus, être éliminer du top 16 et ne pas recevoir de prix de participation.

J’étais relativement satisfais de ma performance puisque c’étais ma meilleur a un PTQ et suis reparti avec une boite de RTR (y’avais pour 60$ dans la boiteL)

Voici quelque conseil et Sideboard stratégies.


Contre Jund on est généralement favori,  puisqu’il na pas infini réponse et qu’on est tres rapide et on le tue rapidement même au travers de c’est removal en plus sa manabase nous aide.  Arcbound Ravager et Master of Etherium  sont aussi  excellent pour se match.

In +3 Blood moon ; +1 Whipflare ;+2 Rest in Peace ; +3 Etched Champion

Out -3 memnite ; -4 steel overseer; -2 signal pest

UWR  Tempo 

Ce deck est un cauchemar, parce qu’il a une infini de réponse et a accès a Pyroclasm. Arcbound Ravager est important car il permet de recycler les artefacts qui sont détruis.

In  +3 Etched champion; +3 Blood Moon; +1 Whipflare

out   -3 memnite; -2 steel overseer; -2 signal pest



Honnêtement je n’en ai aucune idée, j’imagine que je siderai :

In +2 Whipflare; +1 Nature’s claim

Out – 3 Memnite


Vous devez faire très attention parce qu’un Pyroclasm bien placer peut être dévastateur, donc encore  le Arcbound Ravager est notre meilleur réponse avec Inkmoth Nexus

In +3 Blood moon

Out   -1 Memnite; – 2 Whipflare


Le match-up est so-so, puisque les 2 Decks sont combos. Généralement un turn 1 vault skirge turn 2 cranial plating est tres bon contre eux

In +2 Ethersworn Canonist; +2 rest in peace

Out -3 Memnite; -1 Signal Pest


Je n’ai pas encore joué contre, mais j’ai déjà joué le deck.

In   some faith et prier de le tuer avant tour 4!


Ce deck est une vraie blague

In +2 Whipflare

Out  -2 Memnite


Ce deck peut être un cauchemar, parce qu’il a accès a toute les réponses possible contre Affinity et peut tuer tour 3-4

In +3 Nature’s Claim; +2 Whipflare

Out – 3 Memnite; – 2 Steel Overseer


Ce deck est lent contre Affinity, puisque la majorité des gens ne savent pas jouer mono red et burn l’adversaire, me laissant le champ libre pour attaquer. Affinity est beaucoup plus rapide que Burn.

In  +2 Ethersworn canonist

Out  – 2 Whipflare

Scapeshift  Valakut     

Ce Deck n’est généralement pas un problème, puisqu’il est lent à combo et que notre Deck tue généralement tour 3

In  +3 Blood Moon

Out  -2 Whipflare; -1 Memnite

Conseils pour les tournois :

Toujours rester hydrater.

Toujours être repus.

Emmener des Tylenols et bien dormir

Alors voici mon tournament report,  j’espère que vous l’avez apprécié et que vous me donnerez des bons feedbacks et encore désoler de ne pas avoir donné de détails pour tous les matches que j’ai jouer.

Si vous avez apprécié, j’essaierai d’écrire d’autres articles.

Mox Opal

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