Ready to go back to school? Strixhaven has all your collegiate needs to get started in the world of Magic! Just be ready for their application process – I’m told it’s rigorous.

Choose your college colours! Each college at Strixhaven has special focuses, allowing you to find your favourite play style with ease.

Love yourself a red/white combo with spiritual capability? Then Lorehold is your college!


If you are a sucker for green/black, then join the biology majors in the college of Witherbloom!

Control and power aren’t mutually exclusive – just ask those in the Quandrix college, where blue/green reigns supreme.

Whoever said that passion and magic don’t mix? A good red/blue deck can infuriate your opponent, which is Prismari’s specialty.

Like destroying your opponent in both power and persuasion? Then a good black/white deck from Silverquill will do you just nicely.


Strixhaven also is the return of Masterpiece cards! These beautiful card sets will be the talk of the community – if you are able to get your hands on them.


Strixhaven will be available for purchase on April 23rd! Make sure to pre-order now!

Strixhaven Strixhaven

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