It’s time to harvest our star, adventurer! In this reprint of Sol: Last Days of a Star, players fly into the void of space as they attempt to save their solar system from the death of their star. Work together to harvest the last remaining pulses of energy from your dying star to fuel your starships and escape to a brighter world!

Your solar system has lived in a utopia for centuries. By directly channelling the energy of the sun, your planets have been able to revolutionize their power infrastructure, becoming worlds of renown. However, solar harvesting has come with its consequences. These once mighty worlds have found their power waning, plunging them into darkness. The sun, left without resources, has begun to self-destruct.

Humanity has collected into Ark ships, waiting at the edge of the solar system to travel to nearby safe worlds. However, to do so, they will need one last kick of solar energy to get there. Will you collect it in time?

You and up to four of your friends will have to traverse the board, spending energy to build small space stations and ships to collect more energy to send to your Ark. Spend and save energy as you see fit, but know that the more you build, the longer you will take to send resources to your Ark, and the closer you become to annihilation.

Construct your solar gate to enter light speed, and jump to the nearest habitable world! Play in either competitive to race your friends to the solar gate, or play cooperative mode to all win together!

This special reprint will also include a special set of wooden inserts to keep your game organized! Every insert is labelled to make every set up and tear down that much easier.

Sol: Last Days of a Star comes out in September, 2023! Back your copy here!

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