Commander 2013

Avatar Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - November 22, 2013

Top cards for Legacy from Theros and Commander 2013

TOP NEW CARDS Ashen Rider – as an obvious upgrade to Angel of Despair this one finds it’s way into Reanimator.  Not only do you gain the effect both in and out it also exiles the permanent instead of... Read More
Avatar Three Kings Loot - October 19, 2013

Commander 2013 Spoilers – All Five Commander Decklists

Eternal Bargain Commander – Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Main deck – 99 cards 1  Arcane Sanctum 1  Azorius Chancery 1  Azorius Guildgate 1  Barren Moor 1  Command Tower 1  Dimir Guildgate 1  Esper Panorama 1  Evolving Wilds 6  Island 1  Jwar Isle Refuge 1  Lonely Sandbar 1  Opal Palace 1  Orzhov Basilica... Read More
Avatar Three Kings Loot - October 14, 2013

Commander 2013 Spoilers – Primal Vigor, Baleful Force, Bane of P...

  Curse of Chaos Enchant target player. Whenever enchanted player is attacked by one or more creatures the attacking player may discard a card and then draw a card. Eye of Doom When Eye of Doom enters the battlefield,... Read More
Avatar Three Kings Loot - July 25, 2013

Commander 2013 Release notes – Marath Will of the Wild, Oloro Ag...

Each Commander Box includes a 100-card preconstructed deck and three oversized, foil legendary Commander cards. The decks are filled with cards from throughout the history of Magic and also include… 15 new Magic cards in every deck! The five new Commander decks each contain two brand new three-color... Read More


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