Broken Weave is a brand new D&D 5e dark tragic fantasy campaign setting that will throw you into a world of dread and torment. Explore the wastes of your former world in search of artifacts, memories, and hope… or give into entropy and be embraced by the void.

Your world is falling apart, piece by piece. The gods are dead. The land crumbles and turns to dust. Those who live here forget themselves, and the lives they lived before. Decay eats and devours everything you hold dear… any yet, you survive. If you wish to hold back the tides of total oblivion, you will need to scour your once safe world in search of powerful artifacts that will remind people of what was lost. Only with hope for a new future to come will your world survive.

Players may choose to play any of the core rulebook classes, as well as five new character classes designed specifically for Broken Weave. Play as The Sage, The Warden, The Seeker, The Maker, or The Speaker, each focused on community development in different ways. Be careful when you choose your race or lineage – each has a curse that will follow you through the world.

The delicate balance of Hope and Decay will either build up your character or eat away at them. Make sure to keep an eye on your Hope or Decay tracker to determine how fast you may turn into a twisted monster of ruin.

Once your character is created, choose to either step out into the wider world or to help run things at your home community. Fight against hordes of monsters to collect relics and idols of past times, build up the defences of your Haven, and finally bring peace to your world.

Broken Weave comes out in November, 2023! Back your copy here!

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