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Game On! Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 26, 2021

Game On! Curse of Strahd – Locations

Check out our newest episode of Game On! Series about the Curse of Strahd campaign! Learn about the different locations in Barovia! Keep up to date about all things board games on The Bag of Loot! Get everything... Read More
Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 25, 2021

Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft – Release Notes!

Return once again, traveler, to Ravenloft. An old friend is here to see you to give you something. A book of his own writing… Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft! Return to the land of undeath and create your own... Read More
Professor Bamboo Professor Bamboo - February 25, 2021

Dragon Ball Super TCG Deck Profile – Hatchhyack

What’s up Dragon Ball Super fans! Recently, I played in the Canadian Webcam Championships for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game and managed to secure a Top 16 (11th place) finish. Depending on your competitive point of reference, that... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 24, 2021

RPG, Without the D, N, or D

Looking to expand your RPG library but not sure where to start? Lots of people talk about the dangers of other RPGs, whether they are boring, overdone, or just a rip-off of another, better game. Since D&D and Pathfinder... Read More
Avatar Bruce Gray - February 23, 2021

The Epic Experiment – Kaldheim Start-Up

Welcome back the Epic Experiment! Ladies and gentlemen… Kaldheim is here and things have been shaken up pretty extensively. Standard is seeing a proliferation of snow decks. Horizon Seeker has spawned a pretty silly combo deck in Standard. Bottom... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 22, 2021

Strixhaven: Release Notes!

Ready to go back to school? Strixhaven has all your collegiate needs to get started in the world of Magic! Just be ready for their application process – I’m told it’s rigorous. Choose your college colours! Each college at... Read More
Game On Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 19, 2021

Game On! Curse of Strahd – The Lore

Looking to start Curse of Strahd? Want a quick run down of the lore, characters, and locations? Then join in our first Game On! short series to help you get started on your Barovian adventure! Keep up to date... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 18, 2021

Magic Ban List – A Quick Summary (February 15th)

On February 15th, Wizards of the Coast released an updated banned and restricted list for Magic. In case you missed it, or are unsure about anything on the list, I am here to give a quick summary of what... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 17, 2021

Vampire the Masquerade: The Villain’s Yearbook

Heard of Vampire the Masquerade, but you don’t know where to begin with it’s lore and story? Not sure how to roleplay some of the factions? The villains of Vampire the Masquerade range in variety and tactics, from royal... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 16, 2021

D&D Inspiration Book Report

Need some inspiration for your next D&D or Pathfinder game? Feeling some creative burn-out and not sure what to introduce in the next session? Trying to figure out your next character? Sure, you could create another reskinned Aragorn, or... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 15, 2021

Kaldheim in Review: Top Five Cards

With the release of Kaldheim behind us, it is time to look at the cards that have (so far) affected the game in major ways. While some of these need a specific synergy to get going, a lot of... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 11, 2021

Meta-Man: Yu-Gi-Oh (February 2021)

Want to become the King of Games, but you don’t know what to play? Meta-Man has you covered! Having scoured the internet for all the best Yu-Gi-Oh decks that the world can offer, Meta-Man has everything you need to... Read More