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Oath of the Gatewatch Spoilers – Card Gallery & Artwork

Oath of the Gatewatch pre-order

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Set Name – Oath of the Gatewatch

Block – Set 2 of 2 in the Battle for Zendikar block

Number of Cards – 184

Prerelease Events – January 16–17, 2016

Prerelease Format – Sealed (4 OGW/2 BFZ)

Release Date – January 22, 2016

Launch Weekend – January 22–24, 2016

Game Day – February 13–14, 2016

Magic Online Prerelease Events  – January 29–February 1, 2016

Magic Online Release Date – February 8, 2016

Magic Online Release Events – February 8–24, 2016

Pro Tour OGW – February 5–7, 2016

Pro Tour OGW Location – Atlanta, GA

Pro Tour OGW Formats 

  • Swiss: Modern &  OGW/OGW/BFZ Draft
  • Top 8: Modern

Official Three–Letter Code – OGW

Twitter Hashtag – #MTGOGW

Initial Concept and Game Design – 

Ethan Fleischer (lead)
Graeme Hopkins
Ari Levitch
Ken Nagle
Adam Prosak
Mark Rosewater

Final Game Design and Development – 

Ian Duke (lead)
Dave Humpherys
Jackie Lee
Adam Prosak
Gavin Verhey

Languages – English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Available in – Booster Packs, Intro Packs*, Fat Pack* (*-Not available in all languages.)


Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease Pack Contents:

  • 4 Oath of the Gatewatch booster packs
  • 2 Battle for Zendikar booster packs
  • 1 randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card drawn from any rare or mythic rare in the set.
  • 1 Spindown Life Counter
  • 1 deckbuilding advice insert

Two-Headed Giant is Central to the Experience

Oath of the Gatewatch is all about teamwork. It’s designed to support Two-Headed Giant better than most any set in Magic history.”

Participants will also get this nifty deckbox

Prerelease box

Promo Gallery

EndbringerGoblin Dark-Dwellers Buy-a-BoxMina and Denn, WildbornAyli, Eternal Pilgrim

Expedition Lands

Ancient TombCascade BluffsDust BowlEye of UginFetid HeathFire-Lit ThicketFlooded GroveForbidden OrchardGraven CairnsHorizon CanopyKor HavenMana ConfluenceMystic GateRugged PrairieStrip MineSunken RuinsTectonic EdgeTwilight MireWastelandWooded Bastion

Card Gallery

Zendikar ResurgentMatter ReshaperReaver DroneExpediteHedron CrawlerWarping WailSeer's LanternGift of TusksGoblin FreerunnerJwar Isle AvengerRelief CaptainBearer of SilenceThought-Knot SeerSylvan AdvocateOath of ChandraBonds of MortalityDrana's ChosenFall of the TitansHedron AlignmentReality SmasherBaloth NullCliffhaven VampireStormchaser MageVoid GrafterWeapons TrainerCorrupted CrossroadsOath of GideonSifter of SkullsEldrazi DisplacerCinder BarrensMeandering RiverSubmerged BoneyardTimber GorgeTranquil ExpansePyromancer's AssaultBoulder SalvoBone SawOath of NissaWandering FumaroleStoneforge MasterworkDeceiver of FormHissing QuagmireOath of JaceGeneral TazriProphet of DistortionLinvala, the PreserverRemorseless PunishmentCall the GatewatchReflector MageMindmelterJoraga AuxiliaryRelentless HunterFlayer DroneVile RedeemerEldrazi ObligatorEldrazi MimicSea Gate WreckageRuin of Oran-RiefImmolating GlareDeepfathom SkulkerDread DefilerGladehart CavalryJori En, Ruin DiverMunda's VanguardStone Haven OutfitterTyrant of ValakutReckless BushwhackerSpatial ContortionWalker of the WastesComparative AnalysisScion SummonerShoulder to ShoulderEndbringer (LQ)Goblin Dark-DwellersNeedle SpiresSea Gate RuinsCrumbing VestigeHoldout SettlementKalitas, Traitor of GhetKiozilek's ReturnSphinx of the Final WordUnknown ShoresWorld BreakerChandra, FlamecallerNissa, Voice of ZendikarcrushoftentaclesKozilekthegreatdistortionMirrorpoolwasteswastes2


Oath of the Gatewatch Artwork

Nissa Chest FistNissaChandra Gideon Jace



Browse by Author

Anthony Barbieri
Dan Erickson
Daniel Clayton
Evan, Chewer of Thoughts
Gerald Knight
Joshua Olsen
Kyle A Massa
Marc Olivier Plante
Norman Fried
Professor Bamboo
Roy Anderson
Samuel Carrier
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