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Three Kings Loot - November 22, 2016

Thopter Pie Network

2016 Holiday card – Thopter Pie Network

Every year, Wizards of the Coast  sends out to all its employees and retailers a holiday promo card as a gift. Last year was a Goblin Sleigh Ride, this year they are keeping with the Kaladesh inventions theme and went with a Thopter Pie Network redux as Thopter Pie Network. This is a cute parody of a pretty good Magic Origins card. These gifts from WoTC are always well received and can easily fetch a good 50$ to 100$ right off the bat.


Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - July 6, 2016

Crumbling Vestige FNM August Promo Card

Crumbling Vestige FNM August Promo Card

Crumbling Vestige FNM

Coming up in August we will be seeing an interesting offering for the FNM promo card with Crumbling Vestige. Now while it may not be the most impactful card, it is interesting in the way it not only gets around the ‘enters the battlefield’ drawback by providing mana the turn it enters but also acts as a temporary colour fixing. Not to mention it did find it’s way into Michael Majors top 16 W/B Eldrazi deck back in April, and may yet find it’s way into high level play.

Crumbling Vestige FNM

Eric J Seltzer
@ejseltzer on Twitter
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Anthony Barbieri Anthony Barbieri - June 30, 2016

Azusa Lost but Seeking Judge Promo

Azusa Lost but Seeking Judge Promo


Wizards of the Coast’s newest Judge Promo is definitely geared towards the Commander crowd. Whether you’re a Timmy, Johnny or Spike, Azusa will not fail to please. Azusa can help drop your fatties early, enable combos and even lock out your opponent from the game. The new art is a beautiful piece by Winona Nelson, who also did arts on cards such as Avacyn, Guardian Angel and both sides of Arlinn Kord. It’s also awesome to see WotC give some love to a card from the Kamigawa block, which was Azusa‘s only printing.


Dan Erickson Dan Erickson - March 14, 2016

Shadows Over Innistrad Promos

 Shadows over Innistrad Promos!Shadows preorder Website banner

A new set means new promos, and there are some exciting-looking ones this time around! Let’s take a look at the Shadows over Innistrad Promos!

Shadows over Innistrad Release Promo


Angels are sweet, and eight-drop angels with incredibly-powerful abilities seem tailor-made for limited and EDH. You know what else is great for EDH? Awesome promo foils. Make sure to get one at your pre-release for your Mael deck.

Shadows over Innistrad Buy-a-Box Promo


I actually prefer the regular art flavour-wise, but a foil double-sided card seems sweet, and this art is certainly much more aggressive-looking.

Intro Decks Promos

Intro packs Shadows Over Innistrad promos

Drogskol-Cavalry-Shadows-over-Innistrad-Spoiler Nephalia-Moondrakes-Shadows-over-Innistrad-SpoilerMarkov-Dreadknight-Promo-Shadows-over-Innistrad-SpoilerFlameblade-Angel-PromoSoul-Swallower-Promo
Most of these seem like limited bombs and nothing else, but keep an eye on Soul Swallower. Four mana for a 6/6 trampler is nothing to sneeze at, and this guy does demand an answer if you have your graveyard set-up. Picking up a few intro packs to foil out your swallowers doesn’t seem like a bad idea, given the power level.


Shadows Over Innistrad Gift Box Promo


The alternate art is sweet, and two-mana madness enablers are always keeping an eye on.

Game Day Promos


Speaking of Madness cards, hello friends! Attacking for 7 on turn three seems like something I want to do, and even if the bloodseeker turns back into a 1/3 you still have your 4/3. Also, look how cool this art is. At the very least, you can give these out as passive-aggressive gifts to your local rowdy youngsters.

Game Day Top 8 Promo


Incredible art + incredible card = make sure you top 8 your Game Day. Saving one mana off of Utter End is huge, and this card will definitely see play in most decks that can cast it.

Game Day Champions Playmat

Shadows Over Innistrad promos Game Day

Avacyn just doesn’t seem like she’s having the greatest day here, does she? This mat looks sweet, and is yet another reason to make sure you’re at your local Game Day.

Gregoire Thibault - January 15, 2016

Mana Drain Judge promo

Mana Drain Judge promo

The latest exciting promo released by WoTC promises to be an exciting one for Commander players and collectors of all types. Mana Drain is very limited in quantities so get ready to dish out the big bucks for this amazing vintage card from the set Legends. Because Mana Drain will be so scarce it will be worth investing and pimping out your Commander decks. Great job on the artwork Wizards on an old popular classic with a nice new look to it. So if you are pimping out all your Commander decks, this is the only foil copy of Mana Drain you can find, if you can find it!

Mana Drain Judge Promo

Samuel Carrier Samuel Carrier - December 4, 2015

Stoneforge Mystic Promo Grand Prix 2016

Stoneforge Mystic Promo

The Legacy staple is coming back, at one time the leader of Caw Blade, Stoneforge Mystic returns with some sweet new artwork! Stoneforge Mystic promo has hair drifting in the wind on top of the Zendikar mountains in the background’s landscape, great artwork made by Johannes York. We find this card in decks like Death and Taxes, Esper Stone Blade searching for the best equipment’s such Batterskull and swords like Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Light and Shadow.


Stoneforge Mystic promo Grand Prix 2016

Stoneforge Mystic Promo


Three Kings Loot - August 13, 2014

Griselbrand promo 2015 Grand Prix

Griselbrand promo

Griselbrand promo Grand Prix 2015 Artwork

Check out the new art for this popular Demon from Innistrad! Players who enter a Grand Prix main event in 2015 will receive a foil Griselbrand promo. Here’s the new 2015 Grand Prix & Pro Tour schedule .

Griselbrand promo Grand Prix 2015

Three Kings Loot - July 11, 2014

Garruk’s Axe Exclusive SDCC promo Planeswalkers

NERF Garruk’s Axe exclusive SDCC promo planeswalkers

sdcc promo planeswalkers - Planeswalkers Promos SDCC 2014 NERF Garruks Axe Card Set 4

NERF Garruk’s Axe card set comes with six limited-edition alternate-art Planeswalkers cards illustrated by comic-book artist Jae Lee. Cards included in this exclusive set are Garruk, Apex PredatorAjani SteadfastJace, the Living GuildpactLiliana VessChandra Pyromaster, and Nissa, Worldwaker. The set will be available for $110.99 at Hasbro booth during San Diego Comic-Con July 24-27, 2014. A limited number of each item will also be available online at HasbroToyShop.com following the convention. The exclusive SDCC promo planeswalkers Pack featuring Garruk’s Axe by NERF will be limited to one per person


SDCC Promo Planeswalkers

sdcc promo planeswalkers -Garruk Apex Predator SDCC 2014 Promo sdcc promo planeswalkers -Planeswalkers Promos SDCC 2014 NERF Garruks Axe Card Set 2  sdcc promo planeswalkers -Planeswalkers Promos SDCC 2014 NERF Garruks Axe Card Set


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