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Avatar Three Kings Loot - October 24, 2016

Commander 2016 Spoilers – Card Gallery and Release Notes

Commander 2016

Commander 2016 Spoilers

We have some spicy new information out about the upcoming Commander 2016, with new commanders, mechanics, and vintage/legacy legal cards! Check it out!

Are you reading that correctly? Yes you are! You can now have not one, but TWO commanders, providing they both have the partner keyword on them. Awesome! That also means you get to play with the colours on both commanders, so hello four-colour decks! Four-colour decks happen to be a theme of Commander 2016, so this is obviously no random coincidence.

Undaunted is also a sweet new mechanic, as it makes certain cards less expensive if you have more opponents. It’s also quite an appropriately-sweet name. Playing against 7 other players? You ain’t daunted, not at all! One-mana wraths seem pretty good.

Release Notes

Release Date: November 11, 2016

Official Three-Letter Code: C16

Twitter Hashtag: #MTGC16

MSRP: 34.99 (per deck)

Languages Available: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese Simplified


Entropic Uprising



Open Hostility



Stalwart Unity




Breed Lethality


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Invent Superiority



Card Gallery


benefactors-draught curtains-call duelists-heritage entrapment-maneuver evolutionary-escalation frenzied-fugue migratory-routearmory-automatoncaves-of-koilosdarkwater-catacombsdragonskull-summit grave-upheavalhanna-ship-navigatorhomeward-pathiroas-god-of-victory karplusan-forest murmuring-boskoath-of-druidsrootbound-cragshadowblood-ridgesungrass-prairiesunpetal-grovetrasios-triton-herotreacherous-terraincurseofvengeanceunderground-riverwindfallrunehorn-hellkiteikrashidiqitheusurpermagusofthewillorzhovadvokistdivergenttransformationsgripofphyresisseedsofrenewalyidrismaelstromwielderarmoryautomatonboompilegoblinspymasterthrasiostritonheromanifoldinsightsfaerie-artisansakiri-ropethrowerconquerors-flailishai-ojutai-dragonspeakerkynaios-and-tiro-of-meletisludevic-necro-alchemistparting-thoughtsravos-soultenderstonehoofchieftain  nbreyaetheriumshapercruelentertainmentdeepglowskateselflesssquiretymnatheweavertana-the-blood-sowerprimevalprotectorcoastal-breachreyhan-last-of-the-abzansaskia-the-unyieldingbrusetarlboorishherder graveupheaval kraumludevicsopus kydelechosenofkruphix prismaticgeoscope sidarkondoofjamuraa silas-renn sublimeexhalation sylvanreclamation vialsmasherthefierce atraxapraetorsvoicecommanderssphere commanderstower



breedlethality entropicuprising inventsuperiority openhostility stalwartunity

Avatar Three Kings Loot - January 13, 2013

M14 Core set – Release notes

M14 Logo

Number of Cards: 249
Prerelease Events: July 13-14, 2013
Release Date: July 19, 2013
Magic Online Release Date: July 29, 2013
Game Day:August 10-11, 2013
Official Three-Letter Code: M14 Twitter Hashtag: #MTGM14
Initial Concept and Game Design: Mark Globus (lead), Tom LaPille, Adam Lee, Shawn Main, and Ken Troop
Final Game Design and Development: Dave Guskin (lead), Kelly Digges, Aaron Forsythe, James Hata, Zac Hill, and Max McCall, with contributions from Matt Tabak

M14 symbol

M14 Chandra

Avatar Three Kings Loot - January 13, 2013

Dragon`s Maze – Last expansion release notes

Dragon’s Maze Set 3 of 3 in the Return to Ravnica block
Number of Cards: 156
Guilds All ten
Prerelease Events: April 27-28, 2013
Release Date: May 3, 2013
Game Day: May 26-27, 2013
Magic Online Release Date May 13, 2013
Official Three-Letter Code: DGM Twitter Hashtag: #MTGDGM
Design Team: Alexis Janson (lead) Mark Rosewater Erik Lauer Aaron Forsythe Shawn Main Dan Emmons
Development Team: Zac Hill (lead) Erik Lauer Mark Globus Mark Gottlieb Masami Ibamoto Sam Stoddard

Dragon`s maze set Dragons-Maze-Spoiler-Art-615x670

Avatar Three Kings Loot - December 15, 2012

Primeval Titan Grand Prix 2013 promo card

Primeval Titan GP 2013 promo

Primeval Titan GP 2013 promo


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