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Avatar Bruce Gray - February 23, 2016

Casual Encounters – Standard Pauper for BFZ


Standard Pauper for BFZ

by Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

Welcome back folks! I’m back and I’m back on the brew train this week tackling something that I love to do (but rarely get a chance to play) and that’s Standard…PAUPER. With Standard costing about a Bajillion dollars with Jace, Fetchlands, and Hangarback Walkers in virtually every deck it is very difficult to get into a deck and have any sort of success with dumping your wallet on the counter of your LGS. Who can really afford a $700 deck for Standard?  Not me. But I can still have tons of fun and do some pretty fun things with all those commons that I open in my drafts.  So, today I’m going to dust off my boxes of commons and  brew myself up a Standard Pauper deck or two.

There are lots of themes or deck ideas that I could use as the foundation for a deck, but one thing that struck me is the relative depth of Green in most of the previous sets.  Yes, Battle for Zendikar has a bit of a bad wrap, but up until this set Green was quite deep at common and had lots of strong cards to use.  On top of Green being a deep colour, White was also pretty deep with a number of very strong choices, particularly in Origins.  So, while there are lots of viable options my starting point was to look at my Green and White cards first.


G/W Aggro Standard Pauper

As I was flipping through the cards I made a point of ensuring that I had plenty of strong plays early on, much like I would in a draft.  Many players make the mistake of  assuming that pauper isn’t fast and aggressive because many commons are slow and clunky.  However, when you remove those slow and clunky cards you are left with a very powerful and fast format and having an early answer to play is very important. Timberpack Wolf in multiples can be very powerful, and Cleric of the Forward Order can come down and really and change the landscape of the game by erasing  early attacks with the very relevant life gain. I love Sandsteppe Outcast and getting a chance to jam that guy again is well worth the time. There are lots of early plays here and it can give me lots of options as I try to get into the game.

Next I made a point of selecting removal that I can use reliably very early or that can offer flexibility.  Pacifism, Savage Punch, and Gideon’s Reproach fit the cheap requirement, but Sheer Drop can be good on turn three, but is very good when you can cast it for its Awaken cost.

My final consideration was a finisher or two and Elk Herd, Rhox Maulers, and the Beastmaster seem like strong options. They can all ensure that the deck has a way to bust up a board stall but punching through thanks to Trample, or pumping my team. There might be something to removing the Beastmasters and putting in another pump type spell like Inspired Charge, but I like the pump and a 5/5 body in a format where big bodies can really help settle things down.

This is a list I have put together and will be looking to jam the next time my friends and I get together next.  That may not be for a while, but this list feels pretty powerful and a step in the right direction.  I’ll report back to you guys when I get a chance to test this one a little.

The other list I’m playing a round with is a kind of like a G/R landfall deck but in Standard there is a bit of a lack of really scary Landfall creatures apart from Snapping Gnarlid, Makindi Sliderunner and Valakut Predator.  That said, there are plenty of other good options.  Let’s have a  little look.


G/R Standard Pauper BFZ

Atarka Beastbreaker is a very solid mana sink once you become Formidable…and with a Gnarlid and a Valakut Predator and one land trigger you are most of the way there.  Invoker is the same sort of huge mana sink to let you really blow things up if you can’t seem to stick a bigger body to finish off your opponent.  Gearcrafter is just good value.  Heelcutter is a bit of sleeper, but repeatedly making it difficult for your opponent to block is a very powerful option.

The spells are pretty simple.  Fiery Impulse is a way to clear the path for your dudes to get in, and the rest pump your team.  I was honestly really relishing the idea of playing Gnarlid on turn 2, playing Predator on turn 3, and then playing my land on turn 4, attacking, and then Titanic Growth and Temur Battle Rage and crunching in for a huge pile of damage. However, that is probably somewhat optimistic but fun to imagine.  Honestly, the deck is pretty self explanatory and feels like it could really lay down a wicked beating if unchecked.

Once again, this one will need a little testing to see if plays as well as it looks. It could be that I need to adjust some of the numbers but I’m very concerned about not hitting enough land drops to make the Landfall actually work out for me. I also considered more Temur Battle Rages, but the fact is that they could very often be dead cards and not really useful if I don’t have a strong target on board.  I could also see taking out the Efreets and just running Hooting Mandrills, but I like the surprise of flipping up the Efreet and then getting your opponent for a bunch.  The sideboard is also a work in progress and will need to be fleshed out as I go.  Facing down decks with bounce effects is the biggest concern because having creatures get pumped and then bounced really sucks.  Man I wish Pyroblast was legal in Standard! However, I will need to see what options are available and see what I can manage.

Well, there we have it for this week.  Sure it is a little shorter this week than most, but we’ve got two new brews that you can take out for a spin if you are in to Pauper.  I think the format is pretty sweet and even limiting ourselves to just Standard legal cards can still make for some very fun play experiences.

So, until next time have yourselves a great MTG day and be sure to stop by next time for another Casual Encounter.


By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

@bgray8791 on Twitter

Avatar Bruce Gray - November 24, 2015

Crack a Pack MTG with Bruce – #30 Battle for Zendikar 3rd

Drowner of Hope

Crack a Pack MTG with Bruce
#30 Battle for Zendikar 3rd

By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

This is going to be the third and final crack a pack that I will be doing for Battle for Zendikar…at least for right now. Having taken a shot at a draft I really got a taste for the format. However, watching better players sink their teeth into the format has helped me solidify some of my thinking around many of the cards. There are so many things going on out there that I would like to try and touch on, so I’m going to do this pack and then take a little break from cracking packs and talk about a few of the other things going on in the Magic community in the weeks to come. So, let’s not waste any more time!

Let’s see what we’ve got this week.






Murk Strider is a pretty reasonable card if you want to play the Ingest/Processor deck or the R/U Devoid deck. However, a 3/2 for four mana is not an outstanding rate and the ability of bouncing a creature is just decent because the set-up cost is quite high. If this was a mana cheaper or a bit bigger this would be a much stronger critter, but it trades with most two drops and is largely replaceable. This would not be anywhere near the first pick and I would expect I can find this pretty easily very late in the pack.

Sludge Crawler is a more relevant threat. 1/1 for 1 is not usually that relevant because unless you land it on turn one they often get blanked by a 2/2 or better. However, this one can scale in the late game to trade more profitably by pumping. The Ingest is also relevant. It is still not a first pick, but I would look at it ahead of the Murk Strider.

Kor Castigator is a pretty relevant ally. A 3/1 for 2 mana is very aggressive and can pay you off handsomely if you are in the ally deck by coming down early and threatening plenty of damage if unchecked. Also, since it is an Ally it also is not a dud in the late game to trigger a pile of Rally triggers. The last piece of text is that it can’t be blocked by Scion tokens which is very relevant in many matchups. I’m still not taking this early because I would expect to find this quite readily later if I am in the Ally deck.

Reckless Cohort is not a first pick by any stretch. It is a reasonable 2 drop and can play a role in the R/W allies deck. However, a 2/2 for 2 and a questionable drawback hardly makes this guy exciting.

Cloud Manta is just a solid reliable flier. Nothing fancy here but it is usually a useful card and you won’t be sad to run it. This and Shadow Glider are just two relevant fliers, sort of like Wind Drake, that decks running Blue or White will gobble up and love to run. Not a first pick mind you, but something that is likely to get snapped up fairly quickly.

Sandstone Bridge is another of the utility lands this set packs and it’s pretty decent. This not a first pick because the land just isn’t good enough but it will often be the pick over many of the other playables because it just offers a little more flexibility. Nice card…but still no.

Tajuru Beastmaster is the first real card we’ve seen in this pack and even at that it likely isn’t a first pick. It’s a big curve topper in an ally deck or a deck looking to leverage the anthem-esque effect of this thing. It is clearly the best card we’ve seen to date in this pack but I would be very displeased if this ended up being first pick.

Demon’s Grasp is bad sorcery speed removal. You don’t really want spells like this if you can help it, but sometimes you need stuff like this. I wouldn’t seriously look at this for a first pick and in this pack many of the other just “playable”cards would win out over this.  Sure, you might take it late, and you might even run it, but you don’t really want to if you can help it.

Skyline Cascade is just like the Sandstone Bridge. Decent card, not a first pick.

Eldrazi Skyspawner is the business. This is just a value creature and there is no other way around it. A 2/1 Flier and a 1/1 scion for three mana is very solid and stacks up with Sandsteppe Outcast or Ghirapur Gearcrafter from some of the other formats we have recently seen. This also goes in just about any deck playing blue and is pure value. Whether I select this over the Beastmaster is debatable, but I think I would be leaning towards this because this is quite a bit cheaper and easier to play, but I would need to really think about it.

Scythe Leopard is a 1 drop that I’d probably rather avoid. It is very good in a Constructed Landfall deck where it can consistently be cast on turn 1, but in Limited this doesn’t match up well in any other situation other than being cast on turn 1. Even with Landfall this gets outclassed by so many other creatures that it is hardly worth the pick.  I like the leopard, but just not if I intend to win.

Grovetender Druids puts me in two colours and with a creature that is good, but not insane. I don’t think the payoff is big enough for me to jump into two colours right away, so I think I’ll pass on this and opt for one of the other cards in the pack.

Cryptic Cruiser is another payoff for ingesting. However, as a first pick I don’t think it makes sense. If you want to go into the Ingest/Processor decks you really ought to start with the Ingest cards and then try to find your payoff instead of grabbing the payoff and then finding the Ingest cards. Not all Ingest creatures are equal and you want to be sure you have some good ones before you start looking for the payoff.

Drowner of Hope looks like it should be the slam dunk pick. Six mana for a 5/5 are solid stats and it makes two 1/1 scions so in essence you are getting 7 power and toughness for your 6 mana. The ability to sacrifice a scion to tap down an opposing creature is also an important ability. However, if you take this you need to ask yourself what sort of deck lends itself to maximizing this sort of creature. At first glance this looks it should fit in a B/U sacrifice sort of deck where this and Zulaport Cutthroat are your big time payoffs. However, how many 1/1 scions are you getting to maximize the ability to tap down your opponent’s team? Blue makes a few and Black has a couple, but you aren’t really getting a ton of them so the idea of sacrificing a bunch of scions and then reaping the benefits as you drain your opponent out is fairly limited. On top of that, B/U usually wants to play the Ingest/Processor game and not token production. Green is the colour that makes a pile of tokens and is the situation where this could be really explosive. Can you imagine sacrificing a pile of tokens, tapping down their whole team and then crashing in for a ton of damage? Sounds appealing to me. But is U/G really a powerful thing? Maybe with the Converge deck, but that can be tricky. Drowner might also want to go in the U/R Devoid deck because that is also a relevant choice. With so many deck options it is hard to pick one solid deck that this goes in, but Drowner plays reasonably well in all of them and it leaves you very open to a number of strategies. Drowner of Hope seems to be big time game and looks like the front runner in this pack.


Top 5 Cards

  1. Drowner of Hope
  2. Eldrazi Skyspawner
  3. Sludge Crawler
  4. Tajuru Beastmaster
  5. Cryptic Cruiser

First pick is very handily the Drowner. It is strong all on its own and fits in a wide variety of decks meaning that our options going forward are pretty good. The real question becomes where do we go from there?  There is almost no chance we’ll see the Sky Spawner come back around or the Sludge Crawler but you never know about a few of the other things in this pack. Even things on my top 5 list might make it back around depending on what other decks start to take shape around the table. As a result, it is very difficult to predict what might come back on the wheel and so our next couple of picks will be very important to help get us into a “lane” here and steer our future selections. The nice thing is that Drowner leaves us open and gives us lots of options and very sizeable top end to our curve that can help get us there.

Thanks very much for taking the time to stop in and read. BFZ is proving to be a very complex and difficult draft format. My own limited playing experience is proving to be a bit of an issue, but thank goodness that lots of other, more skilled, players are posting Draft vids all the time so I can see first hand what is getting picked and where.

Next time I’ll be back to brewing and I have a couple of budget decks that I’ve been working on that I’m ready to share with all of you.  So, until next time take care of yourselves and have a great MTG day!


By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

@bgray8791 on Twitter

Avatar Bruce Gray - November 10, 2015

Crack a Pack MTG with Bruce – #29 Battle for Zendikar 2nd

Ruinous Path

Crack a Pack MTG with Bruce
#29 Battle for Zendikar 2nd

By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

Welcome back folks! Today we are back on the old Crack a Pack plan with an eye towards evaluating a pack of Battle for Zendikar for a draft. Let’s open up the pack and see if there is something interesting in here or if we are going to have a tricky time sorting out our first pick.







Mind Raker is a serviceable Hill Giant with upside. It passes the vanilla test just barely but I’m not convinced that the ability to discard a card is overly relevant. I get the sense that if you want to play Processors and Ingestors in your deck that you are looking for something better than making them discard a card. Now, if you don’t happen to have a lot of Processor payoffs and you just sort of jam this guy for the body to get the occasional upside of making your opponent discard then you are probably pretty happy with it. I’m not picking this early and I would expect that if I want it late it’ll likely still be there.

Territorial Baloth just does good work. He is a beefy creature, gets bigger with Landfall and can just make a mess of the battlefield quite quickly. This guy plays super well with things like Evolving Wilds, Blighted Woodland and any spell that allows for more than 1 land per turn at Instant speed. As much as I like this guy (and I had him as a 10/10 for a turn at the pre-release) I would expect that we can do better with our first pick and wait and see if we can find one of these later on in the draft.

Roilmage’s Trick looks like a bad card, but I think it actually plays better than it seems. I’m not thrilled about this being a 4 mana instant, but let’s face it most decks in this format will be at least 2 colours making the Converge ability fairly reasonable. Besides they can’t make this effect be too cheap when Hydrolash from Origins (which is very similar) is 3 mana. Many decks I’ve seen can handle a splash for a third and maybe a fourth if you are in Green. That means you are likely shrinking down your opponent’s creatures by at least -2/0. That means that those 3/2’s are only dealing 1 point. Those Grizzly bears ain’t got no teef! Imagine getting -3/0 or even -4/0? Think about the profitable blocks you could set up knowing that damage will be a minimum. I’m not saying go out and mortgage the farm for this one, but I do think that there is something here and it could be a suitable combat trick. If I find myself in Blue and need a mid-round pick I would look at this seriously.

Outnumber is a very solid Instant speed removal spell. My personal inclination is to say that this is perfect in a R/G or R/W strategy. That’s where you can get lots of inexpensive creatures then follow up by casting this to take our their bomb and then stampede through the hole for the win. I don’t have much to quibble with here and I would absolutely be looking at this early and often in this pack.

Snapping Gnarlid is the baby brother to the Baloth, but is much more playable as a two drop. Not a first pick, but most certainly something I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for if I find myself in Green or Green is showing as being open. I like this guy and likely over value him at this point in the format, but good two drops are always important in a draft deck.

Spell Shrivel is still a no. I’m not big on Counters and that hasn’t changed since last week.

Complete Disregard is still a yes. I would pull this to the front of the pack, slightly ahead of Outnumber at this point based on the fact that I would rather play Black than Red in most situations.

Scour from Existence is still m’eh. I’m not picking this early even if it is good catch all removal. Let’s be honest, how many times will I want to get to 7 and then Exile their thing? If I really need this I’m likely already dead. I would take this once my options start to dwindle or I need a sideboard card, otherwise I’m likely to move on.

Tajuru Beastmaster is the curve topper for a Rally/Ally deck. I’m pretty ok with a big body like this and the quasi Anthem effect could be very potent. This wouldn’t be a first pick, but it is a very solid selection.

Turn Against takes Act of Treason to a whole new level. Instant speed makes this potentially back breaking as you steal their creature, block their other creature (presumably killing them both) and you get to reap the benefits. How frequently that this will be that good remains to be seen, but it is appealing. I’m not sure I like the 5 mana needed to cast this, but at least it is only single Red meaning I could splash it or cast it with minimal strain on my mana. I would expect this to be a fairly early pickup around the draft table because the potential ceiling is very high with this one.

Bloodbond Vampire sort of feels like a payoff for the lifegain deck. Sadly she lacks evasion to truly make her devastating. The bigger perk might be that this is an Ally meaning you can trigger Rally yet again. While this could be pretty strong in the right build, it feels like it could be a bit underwhelming unless you can find it some sweet synergies to tag along.

Tide Drifter is the reverse of Ruination Guide in that it pumps your colourless team +0/+1.  That could be relevant and make you more adept at blocking, but that feels like it is a bad tradeoff because now you are inviting a couple of combat tricks to blow you right out. I would be far more inclined to take a Ruination Guide, but in the absence of the Guide this is a decent plan B.

Ruinous Path is a ridiculous bomb here. Sure it is Sorcery speed removal, but it really reads “3 mana make that bad thing go away”. The upside on the Awaken is also not trivial because in the late game this can make a very relevant creature that can shore up the ground game or join in on the beat down. This is very clearly the strongest card in this pack and is an automatic windmill slam.

Rising Miasma seems like it could be a strong card to wipe away an aggressive deck. However, I’m not taking it when I see the Ruinous Path in this pack. It isn’t even the second best Black card in this pack! No, there is little to no chance that I would be keen to pick this up.


Top 5 Cards

  1. Ruinous Path
  2. Complete Disregard
  3. Outnumber
  4. Tajuru Beastmaster
  5. Snapping Gnarlid

Ok folks, this is a pretty easy choice. Ruinous Path is the pick and highly incentivizes us to look at Black in order to make the most of this sort of highly efficient, extremely powerful removal spell. When this pack wheels there is almost no chance of seeing the Complete Disregard so we’ll need to look at other things. Bloodbond Vampire or the Mind Raker might be a choice as a reasonable body in Black, or I might have to look at another colour. B/G might be a fair colour combination and we might get either the Beastmaster, the Gnarlid, or the Baloth. That has some promise. The Blue in the pack looks a little underwhelming but B/U is a very strong colour combination if you can find the right pieces. So, I would be prioritizing Black at this point to try and cut off other players from jumping into Black but I would also have an eye towards keeping an open mind and spotting a strong second colour to pair with Black. However, if my next pack has some ridiculous strong card that I can’t ignore then I might need to re-evaluate my plan and try something a little different.

Well, there we have it. A pretty easy first pick Ruinous Path, but lots of options to weigh as we move forward as we try to maximize our deck. I can’t wait to get my next taste of the draft format because it seems to be so wide open and synergy based that it is fun, refreshing, and always challenging.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and have a read and as always, have yourself a great MTG day!


By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

@bgray8791 on Twitter

Avatar Bruce Gray - November 3, 2015

Crack a Pack MTG with Bruce – #28 Battle for Zendikar 1st

Ob Nixilis

Crack a Pack MTG with Bruce
#28 Battle for Zendikar 1st

By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

Hi folks! Today is pretty exciting because this will be my first Crack a Pack for Battle for Zendikar. With a new Limited format taking shape this is the perfect time to open up a pack and go through card by card to establish what you might take in a draft, if this was your first pack.

I have to say, on the whole, Battle for Zendikar feels very nuanced compared to some of the previous sets. Origins had very clear “good” cards and “bad”cards and even Dragons of Tarkir was fairly obvious. Battle for Zendikar feels much more subtle and it has a lot more conditions for the cards to be good, but once they are good your deck becomes pretty solid. The real danger comes if you aren’t able to grab enough of or the right synergy pieces then your idea starts to fall apart. Your first couple of picks become so crucial to provide you with strong playables, but be certain keep your eyes open to the synergy pieces that are passed to you. With all that in mind, let’s open up the pack and see what we find today!






Giant Mantis is just a solid playable card. It is just a Giant Spider and is nothing fancy. There is no way this is an early pick and will only make your deck for curve consideration reasons. That said, it is a useful card and when you need it you are always thankful it’s in your deck.

Anticipate is one of those cards that always sounds really good, but in a draft deck is often a card that under performs. It just doesn’t impact the board and eats up a valuable card slot. Yes, it is an  instant and can help smooth out your draw, but the cost of playing this over something else is real. I’m not a big buyer of this in Limited.

Kozilek’s Sentinel is a more interesting card because as a 1/4 for two mana this is an excellent blocker. The fact that this could gain an extra point of power (or two) is just extra gravy because it costs you nothing extra. This may not be an early pick, but don’t overlook this if you are in red because if you wait too long it’ll be gone.

Inspired Charge is not an early pick. This gets picked up if, you are in a token strategy and can use it something akin to an Overrun effect. I’ll pass on this early because it’ll probably be there late if I am the deck that wants this.

Scour from Existence is a fine card to deal with just about anything and fits in every deck. The exile is nice because a processor card could use the card exiled as fuel for a bit of a bonus too. Sadly, it’s 7 mana. I’m not in on this early, but if I see one later on I might be inclined to pick one of these.

Grave Birthing is something I’m interested in. Not first pick, but interested in. I feel like it starts to help enable you to to play the Eldrazi processor cards as a payoff without skewing your deck to ingest cards. The surprise blocker could also be real. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is a card that has marginal upside and some modest synergy, but I am interested and if I start to see myself taking some processor type cards then I might be more inclined to grab this sort of reasonable enabler.

Broodhunter Wurm is Green’s Summit Prowler-esque card.  He’s a very playable 4/3 vanilla creature and will make your deck regularly enough if you want it.  I’m not crazy about it, but I recognize this sort of card has definite value. I would be passing this and hoping to see if I can find one later on to fill out my curve.

Spell Shrivel is a counter spell. I’m not really big on counter magic in Limited decks and this is no exception. I’m going to say initially that this is a no but perhaps in a few weeks, after we’ve seen how the format shakes out a little more, I might be inclined to take this a little more highly. We shall see.

Here is the first REAL card I would look at. Complete Disregard is a very good spell. It is reasonably costed, Instant speed removal that even synergizes with Eldrazi processors. This is EXACTLY the sort of card I would consider taking first. The only downside is that it is a little on the conditional side of things with getting things with power 3 or less, but I think that is a reasonable drawback and something that I can work around. This parallels with Reave Soul from Magic Origins very nicely which was a very good common to pick up and I expect Complete Disregard to be similar.

Roil’s Retribution is a very powerful card. Yes, it is 5 mana, but this is similar in many ways to Pyrotechnics that we just got to play with in Fate Reforged. It is Instant speed and almost ensures that you can get a 2 or a 3 for one out of this spell. It is somewhat less flexible because you can’t target your opponent directly to burn them out and you can get punished pretty heavily if your opponent can play around it and make you leave up 5 mana on your turn to avoid getting blown out by it. I feel like those are manageable risks and not a reason to avoid this card. This one would be pulled to the front along with the Complete Disregard.

Ruination Guide looks pretty spicy. If you can get the Eldrazi Scion token swarm deck online this could be just a horrific beating. However, there is a pretty high set up cost to make this really good. I would rather to make sure I had a few other Devoid/Eldrazi cards in my pile first before I go for this guy. This would still be a fairly early pick, but not a first pick until I saw where I was with my deck.

Slab Hammer is a very solid artifact for an aggressive Landfall deck because you get to replay your lands for yet MORE Landfall triggers AND you get the bonus from this. I’m still not picking it highly. This might make my deck as a 22nd or 23rd card, but I can’t see myself prioritizing this too frequently.

Sunken Hollow is a pricey high-end rare that really only pulls its weight in Constructed. The real question is this: do you pass the expensive rare land and take a better playable or do you just rare draft the value? If this is in paper, I’m totally taking the land. If this is on MTGO, I’ll take the playable instead because this will most likely only be worth about half a ticket and not impactful for the deck most of the time.

Fertile Thicket as a foil sure looks pretty. Definitely not a first pick, but it sure is very pretty.

Can you believe the Swamp might be a consideration in this set? With full art basics being a real thing you might actually give this some consideration. I might question your sanity…but hey…maybe you’re a collector? I’m not really. This would be left for near the end of the pack.


Top 5 picks

  1. Sunken Hollow*
  2. Roil’s Retribution*
  3. Complete Disregard
  4. Ruination Guide
  5. Kozilek’s Sentinel

First Pick: If this is a draft in paper and I get a shot at a Sunken Hollow then I’m totally grabbing it. I love non-basic lands and go to great lengths to pick up as many as I can. Furthermore, the raw monetary value from this one card makes this very appealing and not something to be passed. Now, if this is an online draft the relative value of Sunken Hollow is minute compared to the paper version. I am also incentivized to win more with more/better prizes, so I would pass on the land and look to be picking up a playable card for my deck. I’ve made the mistake of taking the fancy land online and have no intention of repeating it. No, online I would most certainly be looking at the removal spells first. I think in this pack I would be starting off with the Roil’s Retribution even if it is a little on the expensive side.

This was a very interesting pack because of the presence of the rare land in the pack. The value represented in real life vs the online desire to win is very interesting and a key feature to keep in mind. However, I feel like the Roil’s Retribution is likely the BEST card choice if you are intent on trying to win and not value draft.

Thanks for taking to time to stop in and have read. Next week I’ll have another pack of Battle for Zendikar and we’ll see how things continue to change following the Pro-Tour & Grand Prix, SCGs and more heavy online exposure. But until then, have a great MTG day!


By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters

@bgray8791 on Twitter

Avatar Three Kings Loot - March 8, 2015

Battle for Zendikar spoilers- Card gallery & Artwork


Magic Battle for Zendikar - Pre-order

Battle for zendikar logo]


Release Notes

  • Release Date: October 2, 2015
  • Official Three-Letter Code: BFZ
  • Twitter Hashtag: #MTGBFZ
  • Set Name: Battle for Zendikar
  • Block: Set 1 of 2 in the Battle for Zendikar block
  • Number of Cards: 274
  • Prerelease Events: September 26, 2015
  • Release Date: October 2, 2015
  • Launch Weekend: October 2–4, 2015
  • Game Day: October 24–25, 2015
  • Magic Online Prerelease Events: October 9–12, 2015
  • Magic Online Release Date: October 9, 2015
  • Magic Online Release Events: October 12–28, 2015
  • Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar: October 16–18, 2015
  • Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Battle for zendikar symbol


Battle for Zendikar at PAXPrime

PAX Prime 2015 - Entrance 2 PAX Prime 2015

Zendikar Expeditions

With Zendikar we had the special surprise of the Buried Treasures but this time around we will have some old favourites return with amazing new art and fantastic borders with the ‪#‎MTGBFZ‬ Zendikar Expeditions. But don’t expect to see them showing up in every pack, they will be just slightly more common then FOIL MYTHICS !!! Good luck to everyone on opening one of these bars of gold !!!

marshflatspolluteddeltascaldingtarnverdantcatacombswindsweptheathwoodedfoothillsbloodstainedmiremistyrainforestFlooded Strandarid mesa

bloodcryptbreedingpoolovergrowntombstompinggroundwaterygravesteam ventsHallowed Fountainsacred foundryTemple Garden

Canopy VistaCinder GladePrairie StreamSmoldering MarshSunken Hollow

Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Info

For the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease, each player will receive a special hedron-themed Prerelease pack that they can use after the event as a take-home deck box. Inside each Prerelease box, there will be six Battle for Zendikar Booster packs along with a randomized, date-stamped premium promo card and a spindown life counter.


  • 6 Battle for Zendikar booster packs
  • 1 randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card
  • 1 Spindown Life Counter
  • 1 deckbuilding advice insert


Battle-for-Zendikar-Gideon-Emblem-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Ob-Nixilis-Emblem-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Kiora-Emblem-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Eldrazi-Scion-1-Token Battle-for-Zendikar-Eldrazi-Scion-2-Token Battle-for-Zendikar-Eldrazi-Scion-Token Battle-for-Zendikar-Eldrazi-Token Battle-for-Zendikar-Knight-Ally-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Kor-Ally-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Octopus-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Dragon-1-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Elemental-1-Token Battle-for-Zendikar-Plant-TokenBattle-for-Zendikar-Elemental-Token

Card Gallery

adverseconditionsakoumstonewakeraltarsreapangelicgiftangelofrenewalanticipatebaneofbalagedbelligerentwhiptailblightedfenblightedgorgeblightedsteppeblightedwoodlandblisterpodbloodbondvampireboilingearthbonesplintersbrilliantspectrumbroodhunterwurmbroodmonitorcallthescionscarrierthrallchasmguidecliffsidelookoutcloudmantaclutchofcurrentscoralhelmguidecouriergriffincrypticcruiserdampeningpulsedemonsgraspdispeldutifulreturnearthenarmseldraziskyspawneremeriashepherdencirclingfissureevolvingwildsexpeditionenvoyeyelesswatcherfiremantlemagefortifiedrampartgeyserfieldstalkerghostlysentinelgiantmantisgoblinwarpaintgravebirthinggripofdesolationhagrasharpshooterhalimartidecallerhedronbladeinfusewiththeelementsinspiredchargejaddioffshootkalastriahealerkalastrianightwatchkitesailscoutkorbladewhirlkorcastigatorkorentanglerskozilekssentinellavastepraiderlifespringdruidlithomancersfocusmakindipatrolmalakirfamiliarmiresmalicemurasarangernaturalconnectionnettledronenirkanaassassinonduchampionondugreathornondurisingoracleofdustoranriefinvokeroutnumberpathwayarrowsplatedcrusherplummetprocessorassaultrecklesscohortreclaimingvinesrisingmiasmaroilmagestrickroilsretribution1rotshamblerruinationguideruinprocessorrushoficesalvagedroneseekthewildsserenestewardserpentinespikeshadowglidershatterskullrecruitsilentskimmerslabhammersludgecrawlersmitethemonstrousspellshrivelstonefurystonehavenmedicsurestrikeswarmsurgeswellofgrowthtajurubeastmastertajurustalwartterritorialbalothtidedriftertighteningcoilstouchofthevoidtunnelinggeopedeturnagainstulamogsdespoilerulamogsreclaimerunifiedfrontunnaturalaggressionvalakutinvokervalakutpredatorvampiricritesvestigeofemrakulvileaggregatevoidattendantvolcanicupheavalvoraciousnullwavewingelementalwindriderpatrolzulaportcutthroatmakindisliderunnerpartthewaterveilpilgrimseyesireofstagnationsnappinggnarlidbeastcallerexpertdranaliberatorofmalakirguuldrazoverseerbenthicinfiltratormindrakermurkstridercullingdronecompletedisregardblightedcataractloomingspiresangeliccaptainuginsinsightwastelandstranglerretreattocoralhelmretreattohagraquarantinefieldmoltennurserysandstonebridgeskylinecascademortuarymirehorriblyawryspawningbedwoodlandwandererfertilethicketretreattovalakutallyencampmentsanctumofuginduststalkerendlessonenoyandarroilshapercrumbletodustdragonmasteroutcastakoumfirebirdbrutalexpulsionfrombeyondprism arrayMarch from the TombSylvan ScryingTransgress the MindMunda, Ambush LeaderVoid WinnowerGreenwarden of MurasaCatacomb SifterHerald of KozilekDrana's EmissaryResolute BlademasterSkyrider ElfDeathless BehemothAkoum HellkiteShrine of the Forsaken GodsConduit of RuinshamblingventGrove RumblerGrovetender DruidsRoil SpoutUlamog's Nullifierzada, hedron grinderSmothering AbominationTajuru WarcallerOblivion SowerPlanar OutburstSheer DropDominator DroneRetreat to KazanduFathom FeederForerunner of SlaughterVeteran WarleaderKiora, Master of the DepthsOb Nixilis ReignitedUndergrowth ChampionLumbering FallsBring to LightScythe LeopardDesolation TwinDrowner of HopeBrood ButcherLantern ScoutBreaker of ArmiesRetreat to EmeriaCoastal DiscoveryNissa's RenewalSkitterskinBlight HerderHero of Goma Fadacanopy vistacinder gladeprairie streamsmoldering marshsunken hollowbarrage tyranteldrazi devastatorfelidar cubgideon, ally of zendikarmist intrudergideon's reproachincubator dronekozliek's channeleroran-rief hydraradiant flamesruinous pathtitan's presenceulamog, the ceaseless hungerDefiant BloodlordOmnath, Locus of RageRolling ThunderHedron AchiveGuardian of TazeemDominator Drone Forerunner of Slaughter Oblivion Sower Retreat to Kazandu Sheer Drop Veteran Warleader


Gideon vs. Eldrazi

Kiora & Gideon Gideon - BFZ Sorin Markov - BFZ MTGBFZ Key Art by Igor Kieryluk Gideon Planeswalker Jace and Ugin Nissa and Gideon Nissa and Gideon Ob Nixilis Nissa Planeswalker


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